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Carbon Reduction Commitment

Meeting: 18/03/2010 - Cabinet (Item 355)

355 Reducing Wirral's Carbon Footprint - Progress Report No 1 pdf icon PDF 470 KB


A report by the Director of Technical Services updated Cabinet Members on the various projects currently being undertaken by the Council, its LSP and other partners, to ‘Reduce Wirral’s Carbon Footprint’, which was a Corporate Priority in the Council’s Corporate Plan 2010/11, and supported NI 186, one of Wirral’s Local Area Assessment Targets.


A report detailed progress made to date on these ongoing projects, which were highlighted in the Wirral-Wide Carbon Reduction Action Plan, and requested the Cabinet to approve the Terms of Reference of the Wirral Climate Changes Group and the proposed arrangements for monitoring delivery of the Action Plan to the Council and its Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) partners.




(1)  the Terms of Reference of the Wirral Climate Change Group be approved;


(2)  the performance and progress of the various Wirral-wide ‘Carbon  Footprint Reduction’ projects undertaken by the Council and its LSP and other partners be noted;


(3)  the various joint ‘Carbon Footprint Reduction’ projects being undertaken and support for future proposed projects, be endorsed; and


(4)  the proposed arrangements for monitoring the delivery of these projects, including regular informal briefings for the Cabinet Member for Environment and the LSP Board, be approved.