Agenda and minutes

Venue: Woodchurch Primary School, Woodchurch Road, Birkenhead, Wirral CH62 9LJ

Contact: Louise Harland-Davies  Community Engagement Officer 0151 691 8695

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Welcome and Introductions


The Chair, Councillor Stuart Kelly, welcomed Area Forum members and 15 members of the public to the meeting. Apologies received from Paul Doughty, Inspector Brian Griffiths



Actions from February Forum


Louise Harland-Davies explained this will be covered under public question time/partner updates


Update on 20 mph zones


Colin Simpson gave an update on the proposed 20mph speed limits in Residential Areas. Wirral Council is introducing 20mph speed limits on non-major residential routes across Wirral to help make our streets safer for everyone.  This scheme will be implemented in two phases and completed during 2014.  On 1st March 2012.  £550k was allocated for this project and it is anticipated that a further £275k will be required in each of the years 2013/14 and 2014/15 to complete this initiative.  Any comments on the proposed phasing of the project affecting your area can be made by filling in the postcard or alternatively should you have any further comments please contact Streetscene on 0151 606 2004 or email


Discussions took place around how enforceable it is and the police involvement, 20mph zones are there to drive speed down in residential areas.



Neighbourhood Plans

  • Your Economy
  • Your Family
  • What Next/Future Funding


Louise Harland Davies gave a presentation on Neighbourhood Plans for the Oxton & Prenton area the themes covered were: Your Economy and Your Family


Key areas were highlighted:


  • Services for Children & Young People

Better advertising and promotion of services in the local area, more facilities available for young people particularly in the Prenton Dell area, address anti-social behaviour especially around Holm Lane and Overton Way.


  • Health & Well Being

Expand the use of GP’s surgeries, advice and contact numbers publicised more in the area.


  • Finding Employment

Recruitment events and job fairs in community building, stronger links between agencies to advertise jobs locally, also help with transport costs and childcare fees etc


  • Training & Skills

More localised training opportunities, help people access employment opportunities and encourage more apprenticeship schemes and volunteering.


  • Regeneration

Job creation by attracting more investment into the area.  Landlords to be made more accountable for their properties to protect the appearance of the area and support for self employed and businesses.


What next: This year, Wirral Council has made more funding than ever available for communities to decide what extra services, projects and activities they would like to see in their local community. To make sure this funding is used to pay only for what communities really want, we have developed a list of priorities for each Forum area based on the Neighbourhood Plan consultation 2011. When you are completing your application, you need to ensure that the project you are proposing fits under at least one of those priorities for the area.


£62,733 is available for Oxton & Prenton:


  • Improve Community Safety, Improve Community Life, Improve Training & Skills and Regeneration


Neighbourhood Funding is available for Community, Voluntary and Faith sector groups, as well as businesses, social enterprises and public sector bodies to apply.  Applications are invited from 2nd July and the closing date is 12noon on 17th August 2012. Application forms will be available on our website or by emailing us on or calling us on 0151 691 8210.




Wirral GP Commissioning Consortium


Dr Abhi Mantgani Designate Accountable Officer, Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group explained the changes occurring within the NHS.  Currently services are commissioned by the Primary Care Trust, from April 2012, these will no longer exist due to the health bill, which requires GP’s to form into groups to becoming clinical commissioning groups. The reason for this is because GP’s are aware of the needs of their patients and the population that they serve. All 61 GP practices within Wirral have become a member of the Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group. Due to the demographics within Wirral they have split into 3 further groups in order to serve their patient population more effectively.  The three Wirral GP Consortia are now under the umbrella of the Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group but will still work as divisions each having representatives on the Wirral Commissioning Group. He outlined a range of new initiatives being undertaken and investment in services and infra structure to improve services in the community.



Public Question Time & Issues Raised



Physio Therapy  - welcome the changes this is a good service and any early intervention could prevent surgery in the future, people can book directly onto this service and NHS are investing in this further.

Clinical Commissioning Group – once formed will hold all their meetings in public, all agendas and minutes will be made public and available on the internet. Patient forums have taken part in all the consultation and can only succeed in the future if they have resident involvement.

Investment – 1 million pound has been invested for Mental Health Services especially around dementia.

NHS Resources/Changes – Improvements, variety of choice, extra services all positive for the future but where are the resources coming from and if any cuts to deliver these changes.

A: Wirral has benefitted from the fair share formula for health funding to reflect socio-economic deprivation and elderly population. Wirral benefited from this and the NHS and PCT manage their resources effectively. GP’s have already been engaging and resources have been utilized effectively.  GP’s are taking responsibility taking a positive approach when dealing with services in an effective manner to keep services improving for the future.

Mental Health – mental health issues are patchy some GP’s have little training and/or experience in this area, they are not competent and this is not good practice.  Make sure patients do get patient choice, and if you get a choice, choose the NHS

A: The quality of GP care in Wirral is very high, including in Mental Health. We have not had any formal complaints in this matter. If you feel GP’s are incompetent, it need to be flagged up and to go through the complaints procedure for the NHS, and dealt with within the appropriate manor all complaints are dealt with accordingly to procedures.

Comments: In the past, patients were confident that GP’s would give advice solely on medical grounds & uninfluenced by commercial consideration.

GP's are receiving money to refer patients to private services.

A: Every service commissioned by NHS Wirral and commissioning groups are free within the NHS at the point of entry, Doctors are not getting any additional payments for referrals.

Labour brought in the NHS and the key principal is that the NHS stay free for the people.



What is the council doing about private landlords encouraging them to have safe homes for their tenants.?

A: There is a Landlord Accreditation Scheme


BMX Track:

Nathan attended this meeting to highlight the concerns young people have over the BMX track at the Arno, he had been informed it was being improved and wanted to know what was being done.  The BMX track is not safe and one day someone might get hurt.  There needs to be improvements and equipment to suit all ages using it.


A: Police have had a meeting with Sainsbury’s and there may be some funding available to improve the BMX track.  Police are also in discussions with Aldi and Home & Bargain.


Rampworx are also is still on  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Partner Updates


MERSEYSIDE FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE: Lisa Hogan highlighted that MFRS are committed to maintaining high standards, despite the current financial restraints being faced. Focusing on a more targeted approach towards the more vulnerable and at risk members of our communities, we will visit a minimum of 13,000 properties in Wirral which have never been visited.

There has been a 77.7% reduction in anti-social behavior secondary fires on Wirral which can be attributed to our excellent partnership working.  MFRS hosted a Safeguarding Conference at Acre Lane, Bromborough, in conjunction with Wirral Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board to highlight our work with the most vulnerable members of the community and to improve our relationship with the Care Homes.

Planning for this year’s bonfire period is underway with our first meeting with partners being held on the 19 June 2012.  Within our Wirral Community Prevention Plan 2012/13 we have several community initiatives that are relevant to Prenton and Oxton Ward:

The prevention team are currently working in conjunction with operation crews from Birkenhead to embed a multi-agency process to increase awareness for operational crews and community safety staff of the localities of rough sleepers in Wirral. Our aim is to work in partnership with relevant agencies, to share information regarding locations of rough sleeping with operational crews. We are also looking to provide a resettlement pathway, when a homeless person moves into medium or long term accommodation we can complete a HFSC and implement any risk reduction interventions.  Wirral Prevention team are currently developing a Home Fire Safety Check referral pathway with the probation service.  We have recently taught a group of women to cook by delivering Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Cookery Course.  The course was delivered by advocates to teach healthy and safe cooking practices over an 8 week period.

MERSEYSIDE POLICE: Inspector McGregor explained there has been a reduction in crime generally.  Overall good picture for this area.  The YMCA gave Police use of a canal barge not just for rehabilitation use, but took out a group OAPs and some young people on the barge, this was a positive day for all.

  • Burglary of Dwellings down from 31 to 7
  • Burglary of other down from 15 to 4
  • Theft down from 11 to 2
  • Criminal Damage down from 40 to 22


Neighbourhood Newsletter was available at the meeting and a summary of crime statistical information for Crime & ASB April to June 2012.


COMMUNITY SAFETY: Steve Preston advised residents about neighbourhood watch schemes and how successful they are, anyone interested to contact community safety team.  The appointment of dog fouling officers is working well and work across Wirral and target hotspot areas


GOOD NEWS STORY Alison Bailey Smith: The "Welly Road Gets the Boot in!" project was an idea I had to provide a community focus for Wellington Road (Oxton, Wirral). Neighbours, businesses and local organisations joined in creating planters from donated recycled Wellington Boots to go outside local businesses and individual houses on the street to beautify  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Future Neighbourhood Forum Meeting

Thursday 1st November 2012

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Tranmere Rovers Football Club, Belmont Suite



Next meeting will take place on Thursday 1st November 2012 and will be hosted at the Belmont Suite at Tranmere Rovers Football Club.