Agenda and minutes

Venue: Professional Excellence Centre, Acre Lane, Bromborough

Contact: Nancy Clarkson  Children and Young People's Department

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09:00 Introductions and Apologies


09:00 Declaration of interest


Emma Dodd, Peter Brandrick, Julia Hassall, Anne Tattersall informed the Chair that thare were all involved in the IEG commissioning process.



09:05 Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 93 KB


Agreed as a true record


David Armstrong informed the Board that there will be an inspection of the Adoption Service at the start of June.



09:10 SEWB Strategy Group Annual Report


Vivian Stafford updated that since the beginning of May there has been a change to the Strategy Lead of the SEWB. Sheila Clark from Connexions has stepped down from post, due to work changes and Vivian, 14-19 Strategic Service Manager has become the Strategy Lead.


Performance highlights for the SEWB outcome group from 2010/11 include year on year improvements in narrowing the gap at level 2 attainment and take up of learning diplomas.


Vivian noted that overall the picture is good with some key areas for focus.




Recent Achievements include:


·  Curriculum development at KS4 including Improvements in KS4 transition

·  Reduction in the number of young people with LDD accessing services out of Borough, as local provision in Wirral has increased.

·  Over 1460 young people from vulnerable groups have been supported to remain in EET.

·  Employability Skills Programme delivered to 147 young people

·  ESF Wirral Jobs Programme moved 54 LDD young people into jobs

·  Lifelong Family Learning Services increased focus to support unemployed adults

·  Young Parents to Be programme delivered

·  Two cohorts of young mums now being accredited

·  3 learners will go full-time to college

·  5 young mums will take part in Peer Support Programme as part of the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy


·  Wirral Apprentice Programme now on 3rd cohort, 303 apprentices

·  Kitemark for Education Business Excellence

·  4050 students in work experience

·  1238 students participated in enterprise acts

·  Post 16 attainment success rates have improved

·  Work is ongoing to improve property stands with focus on health of residents

·  Wirral Council was awarded a special recognition award for services to Apprenticeships at the NW National Apprenticeship Awards.


Richard Longster noted that these good news stories are very encouraging.


Mark Parkinson commented that Partners and Board Members may want to explore the possibilities of Apprenticeships.


Key Issues


·  Continue to develop provision for LDD learners

·  Continue momentum of attainment at Levels 2 and 3

·  Respond to Housing Strategy Review

·  ESF investment will reduce by 75% between 2010 – 13

·  Transfer of budget for LDD from YPLA to LA

·  Respond to Wolfe Review / SEN Green Paper


Gillian Thomas updated that JCP will be focussing support to young (16-19) people claiming Job Seekers Allowance.


Councillor Sheila Clarke gave her thanks and best wishes to Sheila Clark.


Vivian added that the NEET Tiger team has now come to an end.  Some of the practice from the group has been embedded within 14 – 19 practice. Vivan thanked Mike Potter for his work chairing this group.


The Board note the report.






09:40 District Board Review pdf icon PDF 58 KB


Julia Hassall gave a brief overview of the background of the District Boards.  Their focus would be to deliver the CYPP at a local level, through multi-agency work.


A review of the Boards took place in 2010.  It was agreed that a full review would take place after one year.  A survey was sent out in early 2011.  Only a third of those surveyed responded. 


Birkenhead had the highest number of positive comments from its members who value the information sharing and the opportunity to discuss local working. Birkenhead has also built upon the work of Tranmere Together and has members from the local neighbourhood management group with direct resident input into how the Children and Young Peoples plan is delivered in the Birkenhead area.


There is value in local agencies and services on an operational level coming together to share practice and develop local services. Both Birkenhead and Wallasey Districts have multi-agency meetings on a regular basis which attract wide representation from front-line staff across all agencies. The co-location in South and West will further develop and enhance such an approach.


Comments include there is a lack of clarity in the direction of the Boards, mixed views on how effective and local DB plans are.  Elected Members have been very active in chairing and attending Boards.  There is no mechanism to evidence the Boards role and accountability.  There is also a lot of duplication in reporting to the Strategy Groups.


It is therefore hard to argue that District Boards are effective and represent value for money. In their individual reviews, no District Manager could clearly evidence that District Boards made a difference to outcomes for children in their district.


It is therefore recommended that this District Board model ceases.


The Board endorse the report.



09:50 The OFSTED Unannounced Inspection Action Plan pdf icon PDF 129 KB


Julia presented the Action Plan document which outlines the activities for addressing the outcomes of the inspections.


This plan is a partnership plan and is monitored at the Children’s Trust Executive and CYPD Performance Management DMT.


Phil Sherridan noted that it could go to Governors Forum.


The Board note the report.



10:00 Antibullying Policy pdf icon PDF 136 KB


Julia Hassall outlined the scope of the policy to cover all forms of bullying in all variety of settings such as schools, education establishment and wider community. This will be developed and monitored by the Staying Safe Group.


David noted work is underway to support schools with bullying particularly with regard to Facebook.


The Board endorse the policy.



10:10 Review of the Healthy Child Programme pdf icon PDF 69 KB


The Healthy Child Programme aim is to improve health outcomes and reduce health inequalities for children and young people aged 0-19.


A review of this programme is to take place shortly.  This underpins


·  Health Promotion

·  Primary Care Activity

·  Good needs assessments


The Review will report to the Clinical Advisory Board to recommend commissioning intentions for 2012 onwards and any plans to address workforce development as a consequence of the finding.


Wirral’s Trust Board are asked to identify representatives from partner organisations to contribute to the review.


The Board note the report.





10:50 Children First strategic Board Biannual Report


Mark Parkinson updated on this first report to the Board.  The Children’s First Strategic Board is a multi-agency Board with focus on delivering outcomes for young children and families, especially the most vulnerable, through effective early year support and intervention.


Mark noted that though Sure Start is synonymous with Children Centres there is a significant provision for 0-5 year olds through PVI Sector.


Current Progress


·  Improved outcomes at end of Foundation 2

·  NTG at foundation stage

·  Now inspection framework introduced for Children Centres. Four have been inspected so far all `good’.

·  E Start database to support monitoring and evaluation

·  3 / 4 year entitlement of 15hrs a week on a flexible basis

·  123 PVI setting have improved outdoor learning environment

·  Capital grant of up to 10k to improve provision for outdoor learning

·  Work to continue on ECAT ( Every Child a Talker) Programme


Anne Tattersall added that there is also an early years health programme which is a focus for this year.


David noted that there is a programme to further develop Children’s Centres to enable them to provide additional services. Mark noted that all Wirral is covered by a Children’s Centre footprint.


The Board note the report.



11:10 Commissioning and Early Intervention Grant


David Armstrong gave an update that 85 applications for EIG funding have been received.  The commissioning panel interviews are taking place on 18th – 20th May 2011.


A report will be taken to Cabinet on 2nd June 2011.


David thanked everyone involved in the commissioning process, there is a huge amount of work involved in reading and considering applications and conducting the interview process.  Anne Tattersall noted that the level of contribution from the children and young people on the panel was excellent.


The Board note the report.



11:30 Performance Management Q4 2010/11 pdf icon PDF 129 KB



Tracy Little updated that there were 60 performance indicators that can be reported at the year end. Of these 58% are rated as on or above target, 3% are amber and 17% are red.


Performance headlines include:


·  The rate of permanent exclusions from school has fallen considerably after the “Managed Moves” process has been in place. The current rate is estimated at 0.04 compare to 0.07 for the previous year.


·  The rate of persistent absence is secondary schools has exceeded the target and continues to fall year on year. The Wirral figure of 3.7% is lower than National (4.2%) and Northwest (4.4%) averages.


·  The percentage of referrals to children's social care going on to initial assessment has exceeded the annual target; this indicates that appropriate referrals into social care and effective use of thresholds are being applied.


·  The number of participants in youth work has increased by over 60%, 8,625 young people have been involved in youth work over 2010/11 compared with 5,347 the previous year.


·  The percentage of children with Child Protection Plans lasting 2 years or more continues to be very low highlighting sustained good practice and exit strategies.


·  Reports of antisocial behaviour and levels of vehicle nuisance have continued to perform well against targets show a further annual reduction.



Performance Indicators that are RED, include the following:


·  NI 53   Breastfeeding at 6-8 weeks

·  NI 55   Obesity in Reception

·  NI 61   Timeliness of adoptions

·  NI 65   Children becoming subject of a CP plan for a second or subsequent time

·  NI 89a  Reduction of number of schools judged as requiring special measures and improvement in time taken to come out of the category - Number of Schools

·  NI 105  The SEN/non-SEN gap –5 A*- C GCSE inc. English and Maths

·  NI 112  Percentage reduction in the under 18 conception rate

·  NI 117  16 to 18 year olds who are NEET

·  Number of looked after children


Julia noted that those most complex young people have shared needs across the partners.  Debbie noted that a review of the Columbia Team working with our most vulnerable children and families.  The Board agreed this would be welcomed at the next Board.


Val McGee noted that this could be used as a learning to look at children currently having problems to a lesser level.


The Board note the report.



11:40 Local Area Agreement Q4 2010/11 Report pdf icon PDF 91 KB


Tracy Little presented the last LAA report which outlines the performance of the previous LAA indicators. Including those listed above.


The Board note the report.



11:45 CYPP Equality Impact Assessment


Ann Bannister updated the background to the EIA.  There is a specific duty for all public bodies to analyse the effect of policies and practices.


Good progress made on:-


·  Increased engagement of father / grandfather is being achieved

·  Services developed for Black and Racial Minority communities

·  Improved monitoring of equality

·  Improvement in participation and use of CIC, EYB and YOF panels


Outline actions to be taken to Strategy Groups


Richard Longster asked if how well published these successes are?


Nancy Clarkson noted that the plan is disseminated widely and published on the CTB website that these achievements could be circulated as a summary document.


The Board note the report.



12:00 Any Other Business


Jon Martin updated that from 13th April 2011, Domestic Homicide Reviews will take place for any domestic homicides involving people aged 16 or over.  This overlaps with Children’s Serious Case Reviews.  The Chair of the CPS will oversee this.


Pauline Riding updated on the consultation of service reviews regarding provision at Clatterbridge and Arrowe Park.  Consultation ends on the 13th June, this can be done over the Trust website.



David thanked Cllr Clarke for all her work and support with this Board and for Children and Young People in Wirral.



12:00 Date and time of next meeting: 15th July 2011, 9:00 - 12:00