Agenda and minutes

Venue: Professional Excellence Centre, Acre Lane, Bromborough

Contact: Nancy Clarkson  Children and Young People's Department

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09:00 Declarations of interest


09:00 Introductions and Apologies


Councillor Sheila Clarke, Lyn Loughran, Sue Brown, Shanilla Roohi, Lisa Cooper,  Andy Styring, Chief Superintendent John Martin, Kathryn Podmore, Gillian Thomas




09:05 Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 85 KB


  Agreed as a true record.


  David Armstrong noted the success of the Fostering since was good with outstanding areas.


  Jane Owens thanked Nancy Clarkson for the Children’s Trust Board item in the Wirral Governor.


  Fiona Johnstone updated that the HWB Board met for the first time.  The Board noted that Councillor Ann McLachlan will have a seat on this Board and that the WCT Board should remain in place for the time being.


  David noted that feedback has been requested from children regarding the impact of the pupil premium.



09:10 Enjoy and Achieve - Preliminary Attainment Results


  Mark Parkinson updated on the initial achievement results for Wirral.  A more detailed report will follow at the November Board.


§  Wirral have significantly more schools in ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED categories.

§  Sustained improvement in Foundation Stage Profile (NI 72).

§  Gap at Foundation Stage level is smaller than nationally, however work continues on this area.

§  Key Stage 1 (KS1) results.  Gender gaps remain though they are reduced.

§  Free School Meal (FSM) gap at KS1 Level 2 and Level 3 has increased.

§  KS2 results have been improved over English and remained static for mathematics.

§  KS4 improving over and above national figures for 5* A-C (including English and Maths).

§  No schools fell below the 5* A-C (English/Maths) 35% floor standard for 2011.


  For Children in Care


§  FSP Improvements in Communication Language and Literacy (CLL).

§  KS1 Gap is smaller between LAC and peers.

§  KS2 Gap is smaller between LAC and peers.  Progress at KS2 is a cause of   concern.

§  KS4 only 5.5% got 5* A-C (including English and Maths).


Richard Longster noted how narrowing the gap is difficult as it is against a moving target, both sides of the gap may increase at different rates.


Jane Owens noted that Governors have a monitoring duty on vulnerable groups and questioned whether all teachers in schools can identify when a child is eligible FSM.


Councillor McLachlan thanked Mark for his presentation.


The Board note the report.



09:40 Safeguarding Update



  Elizabeth Hartley updated on the local response to the Munro review.  Work is underway to look at the performance measures within the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB).  The LSCB are keen to begin to develop a work plan for key developments to include the element of early prevention.


  Two serious case reviews (SCR) which were submitted to Ofsted in April have been assessed as ‘Adequate’.  The executive summary of the SCR regarding Child ABCD will be published shortly.  LSCB have agreed that SCR for Child E will not be published as it is not in the public interest.


  David noted that the Wirral LSCB has been cited as examples of good practice in an Ofsted publication.



10:00 Commissioning Update pdf icon PDF 50 KB

Additional documents:


Maureen McDaid outlined the way in which the publicity of the Early Intervention Grant has been carried out.


  Maureen added that a performance management framework has been put in place and the impacts and outcomes are to be measured and reported to the WCTB.


  Andy Davies and Derek Kitchin both noted the information sent out to schools detailing services that are available for children and families was useful.


  Peter Wong presented the Strategic Joint Commissioning framework. 


  Derek Kitchin commented that the framework was very clear and informative.


  David Armstrong added that Wirral have become a pilot agency for community budgets to work with the most vulnerable families.


  The Board note the report and endorse the Joint Commissioning framework.



10:30 Changes within the NHS pdf icon PDF 425 KB


  Debbie Mayor presented on the change in the NHS.  Debbie noted that the changes are not yet completed and further amends are still likely to happen before the final reform is agreed and in place.


  NHS Wirral is now part of a PCT Cluster with Western Cheshire, Central and Eastern Cheshire and Warrington.  The PCT Clusters will manage the changes to the new NHS system and the transition of NHS Trusts.


  Clinical Commissioning Groups have been established as sub groups.


  All 4 LA’s across the PCT cluster patch are early implementers of the HWB Boards.  LAs and GP consortia have obligation to prepare the JSNA.


  The new approach to public heath


  1. Leadership role for Local Authorities

  2. Supported by the new Public Health England

  3. Supported by the Public Health Outcomes Framework

  4. Public Health as a clear priority across Government

  5. Commitment to reduce health inequalities


  Fiona Johnstone noted that the new commissioning clusters are developing.  It has been identified that a specific children’s lead in this area is Dr Santiago Puig. A discussion took place about how these changes are communicated to partners and schools.


  Councillor McLachlan noted that this information should be cascaded across and down groups.


  The Board note the report.




11:00 Child Poverty pdf icon PDF 46 KB

Additional documents:


  Bev Morgan gave a short summary on the background to the Child Poverty Working Group and the Child Poverty Strategy.


  Bev updated that visits have been arranged by a group from America to look at some specific areas of work in this area to share best practice.


  Bev recommended that anyone working with children and young people should complete the CWDC course on Child Poverty.  This training will be released early October.  This has been made a statutory in training within the VCF sector and it is recommended that Statutory Services should also implement this training.


  Fiona Johnstone noted that it would be useful to write this into commissioned contracts.


  The Board note the report.



11:10 Children and Young People's Plan 2012 Onwards pdf icon PDF 55 KB



  Nancy Clarkson updated that that the last meeting of the Children’s Trust Executive a discussion took place about the review and refresh of the Children and Young People’ Plan (CYPP). The Executive recommend a consultation with children and young people of the Borough and a plan to be written for a one year period, 2012-13. The style and formatting of the previous plan is to be used to ensure branding consistency.


  The Board endorse the report and support the production of a CYPP for 2012-13.



11:20 2011-12 Q1 Performance Summary pdf icon PDF 101 KB


  Tracy Little updated the Board with performance against the CYPP for 2011-12, as at the quarter one position.


  There are 18 indicators that can be reported at the first quarter, 77% of these are either on or above target.



11:30 Any Other Business


David Armstrong updated that there have been a number of serious incidents over the summer in which agencies have worked well together. He thanked colleagues for their work in this area.



Date and time of next meeting: 22nd November 2011 (9:00 - 12:00)