Agenda and minutes

Venue: Professional Excellence Centre, Acre Lane, Bromborough

Contact: Tracy Little  Children and Young People's Department

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09:00 Apologies and Introductions


09:00 Declarations of Interest


09:05 Minutes of the Last Meeting pdf icon PDF 700 KB


The minutes were agreed as a true record.



09:10 IFIP pdf icon PDF 57 KB


Elizabeth Hartley presented the item. One of the key areas is school attendance and there is good evidence that this is improving.  At the next meeting a full update on impact will be presented.  Elizabeth outlined her paper on how the IFIP model is progressing and becoming a driver for providing services differently with one assessment, one lead professional and one plan.  She added that there is evidence of improvement in collective intelligence in supporting families and this evidence has also come from families who feel better supported.  The information sharing will be held in a central database, case management will be accessible for all key workers working with families.


The values of the IFIP project are based around challenge and building resilience.  It adopts a “Think Family” approach.


Elizabeth described the core offer and services/interventions will be provided on a “needs” basis, meeting the needs of families on a locality level.


Elizabeth highlighted the evaluation process including the production of score cards, and cost benefit analysis.  She added that funding has been extended to Wirral to support the troubled families of almost a further £1m.


Ch. Sup. J Martin commented that anti social behaviour has risen recently; this could be due to the recent good weather. 


Cllr Smith asked what support/training available to partners to support this project.  Elizabeth outlined the process and the role of partners to provide the “super light” area of support to families.  This training is available to all partners working with children and families, not just those who are commissioned.


Julia commended on the value of this project to support children and families on helping families early to help safely reduce the number of children.


Cllr Meaden asked about the exit strategy from the IFIP.  Elizabeth outlined the exit strategy and noted that there is after care support from Homestart.  The whole purpose of the programme is to build resilience and building an extended family network to provide support.


Elizabeth and B Morgan reported that Key Workers are reporting high job satisfaction as they can see the impact this way of working is having directly on the families involved.


Cllr Smith asked which areas are most affected.  Elizabeth noted Seacombe, Rock Ferry and Tranmere.


Resolved: The board note the report.



09:30 Social and Economic Wellbeing Annual Report pdf icon PDF 289 KB


Vivian Stafford outlined the SEWB annual report.  The SEWB strategy group will disband as the new Achievement and Economic Wellbeing Group is now in place.


For post 16 cohorts all attainment measures have increased, especially the latest position with care leavers in NEET which increased from 48.0% in 2012 to 58.0% in 2013.


Highlights include:


-  3622 young people using U-Explore Careers software.

-  56 young people engaged in youth contract.

-  49 young people engaged with the ‘Get Involved’ programme with 73% sustained positive outcomes.

-  Greater Merseyside Connexions Partnership (GMCP) has started to recruit 4000 young people, 134 from Wirral to date to the ‘New Horizons’ programme.

-  6 LAC have progressed to Higher Education.

-  800 people attended the “Your Future, Your Choice”, conference for learners with SEND.

-  427 people are on the Wirral apprentice programme.

-  Birkenhead Sixth Form College had good outcomes at the last inspection.

-  192 young people have come through Response gateway with homelessness issues 52 required an initial assessment from Social Care.


Key Challenges:


-  Deliver participation age.

-  Keep reducing NEET.

-  Narrow attainment gap at 19.


Resolved: The Board note the report.




09:50 Safeguarding Board Update pdf icon PDF 370 KB


Caroline McKenna and David Robbins gave an outline the Pan Cheshire/Merseyside Child Exploitation Multi-Agency Strategy 2013/14.


A profiling process where information sharing around possible victims and perpetrators will enable better monitoring and investigation of vulnerable young people.


The information sharing protocol is being streamlined and meetings are in place.  Feedback is that Wirral SCB is one of the first LSCBs to do this in the area. A template for data collection was shared with the Board.


In terms of awareness raising with children and families it is really important that the community are involved in this as they are the eyes and ears, especially the night time economy.  Briefings from WSCB are in place for over the summer, there are also some top tips for parents on the WSCB website.


J Owens asked whether school or “Teen Wirral” would be used for publicity Caroline commented that the feedback from schools is very good. 


Caroline updated on the disruption of perpetrator activity is being led by the police.  Perpetrators are very well connected and travel great distances.


WSCB will nominate a board member to act as a Lead Professional to organise quarterly meetings to review:-


-  Performance

-  Local implementation

-  Areas of concern

-  Identify patterns/trends

-  Develop local strategies


Caroline updated that Dennis Charlton has ceased to be WSCB Chair as his 3 year tenure is at an end.  Bernard Walker has been successful in this appointment and will joint the Children’s Trust.


Resolved: The Board note the report.



10:05 Link Forum Annual Report pdf icon PDF 638 KB


L Loughran outlined the report. The background to the Link Forum and the strong links that are forged with the Children and Young People’s Department (CYPD) were outlined.  The Link Forum secures the communication channel between the Voluntary Community and Faith Sector and the LA and is highly valued by both.


The report outlined progress to the year end 31 March 2013 against the Service Level Agreement Targets. Key projects include support for the implementation and development of the common induction programme across the Children’s Workforce and the Child Poverty eLearning module.


Cllr Smith asked about the individual links between the Forum and CYPD. Lynn replied that links were very strong as she sits within CYPD.


Resolved: The Board note the report.



10:10 Foundation Years Trust


Zoe Munby gave a background to the Foundation Years Trust which has been formed to work to prevent poor children becoming poor adults.


The pre-birth to time is the target age group to ensure/support parents to improve the outcomes and aspirations of their children.  The project is known as “Birkenhead Foundations Years Project”.  Funding for the project comes from many people and a full specification is being formalised.


The Foundation Years Trust is a charity with 8 full members and sponsors. Several areas will be looked at:

-  A summary of current service

-  Parenting/child development

-  Parenting mentoring

-  Joined Up foundation years services

-  Develop evidence based model that is transferable within two years

-  Work underway to develop a suite of indicators.


Zoe noted the wealth of good practice within the LA.  J Hassall noted that the LA has contributed £50,000 for the preparation of an initial business case and work within 30 families. 


Councillor Smith commented around the development of School Readiness and the wealth of data/tools that are already available with professions working with children.


Julie Webster noted that she would be able to signpost Zoe into Public Health to strengthen links.


Steve Dainty invited Zoe to speak to Primary Heads about the project and the good practice she has seen within the borough as that recognition is important. 


Cllr Smith reiterated the hard work that is being done in all schools, especially Birkenhead primaries who achieve some great results with high levels of FSM.


Resolved: The Board note the report.



10:25 Child Poverty


B Morgan updated that the Child Poverty Working Group agreed that the £100k would be used to fund community based assets.  To raise aspiration, reduce child poverty and involve community. 


37 schools have been invited to produce an expression of interest. The potential school project was discussed and it was noted that the letters were due to be sent out before the school holidays.


Resolved: The Board note the report.



10:50 Review of 5 - 19 Healthy Child Programme pdf icon PDF 440 KB


Julie Webster introduced a paper on the commissioning of services to deliver the 5-19 healthy child programme. All services will be reviewed and a clear pathway for services provision set up.  This will also support the integration of the Health Visiting service to the LA in 2015.


Jane Owens requested an update on the 0-5 and 5-19 healthy child programme for the Governors newsletter.


Resolved: The Board note the report.



11:10 HELP Survey 2013 pdf icon PDF 74 KB


T Little outlined the results of the 2013 Survey. School engagement rate has reduced compared to 2012. The key survey findings were discussed.


The key themes from the survey were incorporated into the priorities and projects for the new CYPP.


Resolved: The Board noted the report and supported the running of the HELP Survey in 2014. School representatives at the meeting would champion the survey with schools.



11:30 CYPP Performance Monitoring


T Little outlined the new CYPP performance management arrangements. The new plan has 39 indicator measures which focus on outcomes. A scorecard is being developed to ensure a streamlined set of performance intelligence. There is also themed reporting which will link to the annual reports to the board from the strategy leads. The indicator measures were outlined.


Resolved: The Board noted the presentation.