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This page lists the meetings for Joint Strategic Commissioning Board (JSCB).

Information about Joint Strategic Commissioning Board (JSCB)

Terms of Reference extract fromm Constitution:

A Sub-Committee of three (3) or more members of the Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee, subject to politically balance, to sit in common or jointly with representatives of the National Health Service and to exercise delegated authority on behalf of the Council in respect of:

(a) pooled funding arrangements with the NHS or other governmental bodies;

(b) the place based health and care arrangements as may be provided for by

legislation; and

(c) such other commissioning, strategic design quality and performance of health and care services across the Borough of Wirral, including the outcomes and quality of those services,

within the terms of reference of the Adult Social Care and Public Health Committee, that the Committee may from time to time determine shall be the responsibility of the Sub-Committee.