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Please note that due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) All Council meetings have been postponed indefinitely Please see our home page for any updates Policy and Resources Committee

This page lists the meetings for Policy and Resources Committee.

Information about Policy and Resources Committee

This Committee is responsible for co-ordinating processes for the development of the Budget and Policy Framework, together with decision making on cross-cutting policies not part of the Policy Framework and decisions on resources concerning virements and purchase and sale of assets. The Committee is also responsible for a number of corporate functions, including employment of officers, company and asset ownership and overall performance and risk management in respect of the Council’s delivery of functions as well as matters of urgency and review.


Public Questions

Notice for public questions must be put in writing to the Monitoring Officer no later than midday three working days before the meeting and should be sent to



Public Statements

A member of the public may speak on up to two non-procedural items on any Agenda if notice has been given no later than 15 minutes before the start of the meeting. No speech should exceed three minutes.  Please give notice to