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09:30 Performance Management 2010/11 Quarter 1


  Nancy Clarkson introduced the performance report. In Quarter one a reduced amount of information is available with data for only for 23 indicators.  There were discussions regarding a number of indicators.


  NI 53 Breastfeeding rates. Bev Morgan noted that the Peer Support Programme supported 400 mothers.  The project is working well through agency collaboration. The results of the initiative should feed through into the statistics in Quarter 2 resulting in an improvement.


  NI 63 Stability of placements for Looked After Children. Jane Owens noted that there were a high proportion of Looked After Children placed with parents.


Howard Cooper noted that LAC numbers were still high and in terms of numbers LAC per 10,000 are high compared to other comparator authorities. There are also a high number of older young people aged 14-16 who have been in care for longer.


  There are a range of placement options including being placed with parents although they are still looked after by the Local Authority.  Over the past 6-9 months the Children and Young People’s Department have been reviewing the placed with parent LAC in order to ensure best placements for the children.  Such active management impacts on the stability of this indicator which is expected to fluctuate whilst the detailed review of the Care Plans was ongoing.

  Jill Billinge noted that kinship cases without social care intervention in place were reviewed by schools to ensure appropriate support was provided where needed.


  Howard Cooper also noted that private fostering occurred where a child is looked after by not a close relative or friends.  The LA only knows about this if it is reported to them.  This includes visiting children from other countries. Private foster carers are not on a register.  The LA has been active in this area in the last two years but it can be difficult to identify every private fosterer.


  Ngaire Waine noted the antisocial behaviour governance meeting has now moved to monthly. Recent data indicates that Quarter 2 targets will be met.  Operations are planned for specific nights and the half-term week.  Ngaire Waine recognised that the work of the ASB Team has impacted positively on ASB in the borough.


  Howard Cooper also noted that although ASB is reducing there are also risks in this area.  Of the ASB Team funding 80% is grant or contract based funding; the team is vulnerable to reductions in funding.


  Councillor Sheila Clarke noted the importance of this work and the benefits gained from multi-agency approach.


  Councillor Meaden asked for more detail on the percentage of incidents linked to children and young people.


  Ngaire Waine noted it was difficult to know the ages of the perpetrators unless the perpetrators are stopped at the scene, which does not always occur although the incident will be recorded.  There is also practice work in place through problem solving groups to address areas where there are persistent reports.  This was an area for consideration as there are different degrees of tolerance for different types of behaviour and this must be taken on board.


  Councillor Sheila Clarke requested that a brief note to be circulated to the board be produced regarding children and young people’s involvement in ASB.


  Howard Cooper noted the improvements in attainment made by Wirral Schools across the borough.


  Phil Sheridan noted that his school (Pensby High School for Boys) was part of the National Challenge Programme (NC).  He congratulated all the National Challenge schools as their direction of travel has been outstanding. These schools also include Rock Ferry High School, Wallasey School, Park High School and The Oldershaw School.  The education value they have added to the children and young people is significant.  Pensby High School for Boys is the most improved school for 5+A*-C including English and maths in the North West; an outstanding achievement.  Phil Sheridan also reported that National Challenge support was very challenging but exceptional.  At Pensby High School for Boys the exceptional results were a tribute to the staff in the school in particular subject areas English and maths where leadership is very strong.


Resolved: That the report be noted and a note regarding young people’s involvement in Anti-Social Behaviour be circulated to the Board.


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