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10:30 Commissioning Update


  Peter Wong presented a report outlining the NHS Consultation underway.  A Consultation document from the Department of Health (DOH) has been published.  This report outlines areas of specific interest to the Children’s Trust Board.


  The responsibilities for GP Consortia were outlined.  The consortia themselves will differ across the country and probably the borough.  The expectations of the operation of the consortia are outlined with no actual indication of how it will occur from government.  There are particular consultation questions, all individuals can respond.


  The report recommends the Children’s Trust Board respond to the DOH consultation and also submits a collective response for NHS to feed into the work in progress shaping the GP consortia.


  Richard Longster agreed with this view particularly as joint commissioning is of benefit for children and young people and it should be high on the GP agenda.


  Debbie Mayor noted the opportunity to influence the thinking now before the arrangements are made.


  The timescale is 11th October for responses to the national consultation.  Peter Wong offered to produce a paper and collate responses from the Board.


  Howard Cooper noted the different organisations on the Board and their views on a group response.


NgaireWaine noted that the Police would have specific requirements and that core business requirements may be slightly different.


Richard Longster noted the importance of not diluting the response, as a collective response should be more powerful, it could be done with specific inputs from different agencies.


Councillor Chris Meaden noted the complexities of potentially dealing with a number of consortia with a different agenda.


Howard Cooper suggested that the Trust Board could do a response based on the role of the Board and common areas of concern to the Board.  A number were outlined:


·  The under-representation of children and young people in priority setting in the NHS.

·  The benefit of early prevention should be prioritised.

·  The importance of the definition of what should be included in public health and what in GP consortia such as health visiting and school nursing.

·  For planning prospects the Children’s Trust footprint is the whole of Wirral, the more agencies are fragmented the more difficult it would be to commission services effectively.


NgaireWaine noted that health inequalities focus should also be included.


  Howard Cooper also noted how multi-agency working has had a significant impact on outcomes for children and young people.


  Richard Longster noted that the Board should ensure its views are provided to influence the process.


  Bev Morgan noted the complexity application process for commissioning Smoke Free Families that made it difficult for VCF agencies to apply.  Peter Wong will discuss this with Public Health and contact Bev Morgan.


  Howard Cooper noted Joint Director of Public Health Marie Armitage retires today and new Joint Director Fiona Johnstone will commence on 27th September.  She will be invited to join the Board.  The importance of Public Health to the Children’s Trust was stressed.


  It was agreed that Peter Wong would draft collective responses to both the NHS Consultation and the NHS Wirral process.  These will be shared with the Board for comment before submission. 


  Resolved: That the Board submits a collective response to the Department of Health consultation. 


  Resolved: That the Board submits a collective response to NHS Wirral with the purpose of being fed into the shaping of the emerging GP Consortia.   


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