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What's Been Happening in Your Local Area:



Lucy Beed explained that 27th March 2011 was census day.  It has extreme importance as it determines how much funding the Council will receive.  If the census is not returned households could be looking at a fine of £1,000.


Cllr George Davies the census form can be under exaggerated.  For example if only 290,000 people send the census form back out of 312,000 people then that is all the government funding we will receive for all services, based on actual returns. 


Key Points:

  • Personal information will not be shared with any other government department, third party or anyone.
  • Protected by law for 100 years
  • Compulsory – if you don’t take part, you could be fined up to £1,000
  • Posted out in early March to each household
  • Return via royal mail using pre-paid envelope or
  • Complete on-line



  • Helpline 0300 0201 101/Text Relay 18001 0300 0201 160
  • Individual Appointment – contact Helpline
  • Local Charities, Support and Information Services
  • Local Drop-in sessions
  • Translation services available


Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service:

Dave Watson full report from page nine.  Highlighted the fact that Birkenhead Fire Station is being refurbished and there will be a Youth Service Hub opening for Fire Cadets aimed at 14/18 year olds. Also highlighted the fact that the ‘bonfire strategy’ was a great success and over 250 tonnes of material was removed before bonfires were started.  There has also been a reduction in secondary fires i.e. wheelie bin rubbish.


Q: Cllr Harry Smith how long has the Cadet scheme been running? 

A: Dave Watson it has been running for about 3 years in Liverpool and crime/ASB has been reduced.


Q: Are the cadets able to facilitate children with special needs?

A: Dave Watson, yes can’t see this being a problem.



  • Jim Thompson stated that most wheelie bin fires start because alley-gates have been left open.  If anyone spots this or your have lost their key etc then they contact Jim on 0151 606 5443.


Q: Gates have been took off on Brow Road, why?

A: Jim Thompson they were not Council alley-gates and were not safe or suitable.


Q:  Was the bonfire project a multi agency project?

A: Jim Thompson - Fire, Community Safety, Probation Service, Technical Services, Wardens and PCSO’s were all involved.


Q: From an Environmental point of view it was good but sadly we will be losing our Wirral Wardens.  Where do we go to protest? This will have a big impact on the community?

A: Cllr Steve Foulkes 100’s jobs have gone from Wirral Council because of cut backs – all councils do it, it is a dilemma for elective members.  We don’t know what is next and what the service will look like.  We are as much in the dark.  It is difficult for us to answer this question.  Many people will not go until June 2011.  There are a number of issues emerging and if the picture unfolds we will do our best to let you know. 



  • I would also like to thank the Fire Service and Wirral Partnership Homes who put money forward, Police, Residents Association and Ridgeway High School allowed us to use their grounds up for bonfire night.  There were no incidents on the Noctorum and 650 people got together and it was a fantastic night.  I would just like to thank everyone who had an involvement from children to elderly. 
  • Cllr Harry Smith if we clear a piece of land and restore it as allotments and put a bid in it is unlikely that the Live Wirral Wardens will be around.
  • Some allotment holders are in talks with Probation to get Community Service people to come and do work on allotments.
  • Jim Thompson Wardens are not always Council employees.  We do not know what the shape of the future is.
  • Cllr George Davies the growth pot which incorporates everything is £1.4 million in the pot.  Last year was £8.6 million in the pot.  It is not housing anymore, it is house planning and roads.  We have a successful bid to do Milner Street and Carrington Street.  We need £4.6 million for the North End and when the private sector moves in it will create £22 million.


Community Safety:

Jim Thompson highlighted report which was contained in the papers and also pointed out that crime has reduced by 63% in 5 years.  The biggest issue being anti social behaviour which has also reduced.  Jim Thompson stressed to the public that when they comment that they ring the Police and nothing happens, all calls are recorded and there will be something done but it just may take some time but calls are always dealt with. 


Q: I was fired at by a staple gun in my eye in my own back garden and the Police told me they could not take any further action!

A: Jim Thompson it was an undetectable crime which means it could not be solved due to insufficient evidence unfortunately.  It does not mean they did not try. 



  • Reporting anti social behaviour does work.  My daughter rang the Police with regards to ASB and now Community Officers are out on their bikes every night and there is no more crime in the area. 


Q: Are we going to lose Community Officers?

A: That is a matter for the Police Authority.  They are suffering cuts and having to make a lot of hard decisions


NHS Hospital Trust:

Alistair Bardsley went over extensive report in the papers across pages 18-20. Thanked the community for coping well with the restrictions around visiting lately with swine flu and norovirus.


Q: my granddaughter was in hospital last week. She found it very embarrassing that a 12 year old boy was in the same ward as her.  I got asked to leave because I was not the mother.  The Nurse said I could stay but when I went for a coffee they would not let me back in.

A: Staff were just sticking to the new restrictions that were in place at the time. 


Q: my granddaughter was so upset they had to allow her home. 

A: I appreciate your distress but restrictions were put in place for good reasons. 


Q: What is the upper age limit as a 15 year was in a ward with children and could not get any sleep with crying?

A: 15 years, 11 months and so many days.  They do try to separate. 


Q: Wirral Live is closing and we have no funding.  We have people who come who have had strokes they come to use the service and exercise.  We need funding quickly and want to keep the classes going?

A: The hospital promotes healthy eating we do not give out funding, this would be HNS Wirral. Ann – Marilyn Maddox from the Health Action Area is your contact.


Older Peoples Parliament:

Ken McDermott, went over extensive report across pages 11 – 14 in the papers. 



  • Ken McDermott raised issues and concerns around the future of the care services.
  • Cllr Denise Roberts Older Peoples Parliament has gone from strength to strength.
  • Lance Ellis has been unwell from the Older Peoples Parliament, is he OK? Cllr Steve Foulkes said he is OK as they had seen him at a previous meeting.