Agenda item

Agile Working


The Director of Law, HR and Asset Management submitted a report which sought approval of the Council’s Agile Working Policy.


The Policy would support the Council by facilitating a more diverse range of working models away from traditional fixed desk arrangements that enabled increased productivity, greater efficiency and rationalisation of office accommodation. There were a number of employees and teams across the Council that had already implemented agile working arrangements. However, an agreed and detailed policy framework to support agile working was not currently in place. The Agile Working policies provided support to managers and employees who were involved in such arrangements and provided a framework of best practice for the implementation of future arrangements.


Attached to the report were detailed policies which provided more information and guidance to managers and employees on the following models:


·  Home Working

·  Mobile Working

·  Hot Desking


It was anticipated that employees might work a combination of the above models within an agile working arrangement. The Director clarified that full consultation had taken place with the Trades Unions and in response to Members’ comments assured the Committee that it would be one of the tools used to help with the rationalisation of office space.


Resolved – That the Council’s new Agile Working Policy and supporting documents be approved.

Supporting documents: