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Senior Management Restructure


Further to minute 21 (18/9/12) the Chief Executive submitted a report with detailed proposals in relation to the Council’s senior management restructure. The proposals included details of financial savings, which were attached as an appendix to the report.


It was proposed to reduce the senior management structure of the Council from 30 full time equivalent (FTE) posts, to 19 FTE posts, (excluding the three  Strategic Director posts). The report detailed the principles applied to the proposed restructure, areas of responsibility, how the selection process would be managed and consultation which had taken place.


It was proposed that a further management structure for senior managers (those reporting to a Head of Service) and below was undertaken, following the outcome of this report. This should include consultation with the recognised Trade Unions and the staff affected, and should consider the impact on remaining structures. The further management structure would follow the principles as applied to the senior management restructure and would achieve financial savings of £4m, approximately 30% of the current management costs at this level. Where there was a requirement for Committee approval, the necessary structures should be brought forward to Cabinet and the Employment and Appointments Committee in February 2013.


Responding to comments from Members, the Chief Executive stated that he would hope to have a new severance scheme in place from 24 January, 2013 and that the new scheme would apply to anybody made redundant under the restructure as the scheme applied on the date when an employee left the Authority. Those employees applying to leave voluntarily would leave under a new scheme. He outlined how the savings of £998,723 for the new senior management structure were achieved and informed the Committee that he would circulate a detailed breakdown of the savings. One part of the restructure could not be progressed until the suspension of a chief officer was resolved.


The Chief Executive also referred to the common practice of designating for a three or six month period, one of his three Strategic Directors to act in his absence, and this principle should apply throughout the Council with managers treating those in their teams equitably in rotating the role for acting up in their absence. All honoraria, unless in exceptional circumstances, would be stopped, although this had not yet been factored into the savings. The savings for 2013-16 were currently projected at £108.7m and he would ensure that there was consistency in future reports with regard to the figure for savings. Redundancy costs would be factored into the overall budget.


The Leader of the Conservative Group stated that he was broadly supportive of the proposals. Further savings would come in the next stage with the delayering of management below the Heads of Services level and he would expect that this Committee would see these proposed further management restructures. The Chief Executive reassured the Committee that he would report back with further management restructures and with an updated equalities impact assessment.


On a motion by Councillor Phil Davies, seconded by Councillor McLachlan, it was -


Resolved – That this Committee,


(1)  Endorses the report.


(2)  Approves:


The deletion of the following posts:


Adult Social Services:

·  Deputy Director of Adult Social Services

·  Head of Finance and Performance (Adults)

·  Head of Locality Personalised Support (Adults)

·  Head of Specialist Personalised Support (Adults)

·  Head of Safeguarding and Care Governance (Adults)


Children’s Services:

·  Deputy Director: Planning, Resources and Schools (CYPD)

·  Head of Children’s Social Care

·  Head of Learning and Achievement



·  Director of Finance

·  Deputy Director of Finance

·  Head of IT Services

·  Head of Benefits, Revenues and Customer Services


Law, HR and Asset Management:

·  Director of Law, HR and Asset Management

·  Head of Regulation

·  Head of Asset Management


Technical Services:

·  Director of Technical Services

·  Deputy Director of Technical Services

·  Head of Cultural Services


Regeneration, Housing and Planning:

·  Director of Regeneration, Housing and Planning


The creation of the following posts:


Families and Wellbeing:

·  Head of Transformation (Adults)

·  Head of Delivery (Adults)

·  Head of Specialist Services (CYPD)

·  Head of Targeted Services (CYPD)

·  Head of Universal and Infrastructure (CYPD) and Assistant Chief Executive


Regeneration and Environment:

·  Head of Environment and Regulation


Transformation and Resources:

·  Head of Business Processes


The re-designation of the following posts:


Regeneration and Environment:

·  Head of Housing to Head of Housing and Community Safety


Chief Executive:

·  Head of Communication and Community Engagement to Head of Neighbourhoods and Engagement.


(3)  Approves the re-alignment of services across the three programme areas as detailed in the report.


(4)  Asks the Chief Executive to consult on and to implement the further management restructure for senior manager levels to PO level, with expected financial savings of £4m.


(5)  Authorises the Chief Executive to confirm and implement the senior management  structure as agreed at such time and in such manner as he considers appropriate, including making any additional administrative changes as are necessary to give effect to the changes including making any consequential changes to the scheme of delegation as are necessary to give effect to the new arrangements.

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