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09:10 Being Healthy Strategy Group Annual Update


Julie Graham presented her annual report from the Being Healthy Strategy Group.


Julie noted that the new priorities area for the delivering the Healthy Child Programme, this is spit into two age groups:

·  From conception to age five

·  5 to 19


Julie commented that the Being Healthy Group are reviewing their membership and have noted there needs to be better representation from the 3rd sector and partners other than those Health.


Key achievement for the group include:


·  All Wirral Children’s Homes have healthy homes status.

·  Excellent reduction in the teenage conception rates.

·  Peer education programme for drugs and alcohol and teenage pregnancy.

·  98% coverage for National Child Measurement Programme which compares well to benchmark groups.

·  Positive effect from the 1:1 interventions and working well.


Key issues for 2013/14


·  Steady reduction in alcohol admissions has been identified.  There is more evidence to support the need for schools drugs advisor.

·  Emergency 0-4 admissions (deliberate and unintentional injuries).  A study has been conducted to explore some of the issues for families.

·  Take up of child weight services isn’t as well as expected.

·  Breastfeeding initiation rates are not improving as well as expected.  A milk bank has now been established.

·  Locally, the MMR immunisation rates are very good with provision in GP surgeries.


Plans are in place to look at feasibility of extending school nursing service wider than term time and school time only.


·  Work is underway to establish a pathway from Breastfeeding to Bariatric Surgery to support work around obesity and weight management.


Partnership Involvements include:


-  Breastfeeding initiation rate.

-  TP support continues.

-  Links between Children’s Trust and Wirral CCG.

-  Do all organisations feed into the JSNA?

-  Cultural awareness training will be re-commissioned in 2013/14.


Councillor Wendy Clements asked for clarifications on the breastfeeding to bariatric surgery.  Julie noted that the clear link between breastfeeding and adult obesity and it was an opportunity to map out a health eating pathway for the journey of an individual’s life. 

Mary Kilcoyne noted to the Board that she will take back the request for 3rd sector involvement.


Julia asked how Partners can help within this area.  Julie noted the feasibility of the school drug advisor and a teenage pregnancy co-ordinator.


Julie Webster noted the importance of joint planning across Public Health and how this needs to work.


Gary Price noted that this great work has been undertaken under a time of significant change for the Health Services and Public Health in particular.


Tracy Little updated that the Wirral CCG have been invited to have representation on the WCTB.  Julie Webster noted this was a good start and links were required at all levels.


Julia Hassall noted that a key driver working together would come from the work under the Early Preventative Services and Intensive Family Intervention Project.


Cllr Smith asked for clarification around the immunisation service commissioned from NHS England.  Julie Webster noted the importance of ensuring the large footprint commissions works well at a local level.


Cllr Smith asked for clarification on services available to support Children and Young People with their mental health.  Julie clarified that the Promoting Positive Mental Health in Schools Group (PPMHSG) group is going from strength to strength.  Julie outlined there are counselling services available through the Response team and also the


Steve Dainty, who sits on the PPMHSG noted the impact that this group has in linking CAMHS, Education Psychology Service (EPS) and schools. 


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