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Families and Wellbeing Policy and Performance Committee - Work Programme

To consider the report of the Director of Public Health/Head of Policy & Performance.



The Committee considered the report of the Director of Public Health/Head of Policy and Performance, which indicated that the four Policy and Performance Committees had been established to undertake the work of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny function. Each Committee was invited to select items within their remit to be included within their work programme and it was suggested that more effective scrutiny would focus on a small number of the most relevant high priority topics. The Coordinating Committee had an additional role to ensure that there was no duplication between the works of the other Committees and to make sure that resources were available, from both Members and officers, for the work items to be completed in a timely manner. The report outlined various methods of undertaking detailed scrutiny work and envisaged that the work programme would be monitored and updated at Committee meetings throughout the municipal year.


The report listed a number of items from previous Overview and Scrutiny Committees, where Members had requested further scrutiny work to take place by the new Policy and Performance Committees. The Scrutiny Support Officer commented that, as part of developing the new work programme, Members may wish to identify items from the list but, it would be beneficial to carry forward only those most significant items.


Members raised a number of topics they believed should be included in the Committee’s work programme for 2013/2014. A Member further highlighted the need for early progress to be made, otherwise there would be no prospect of completing the body of scrutiny work before the year end. Accordingly, the Chair proposed that the party spokespersons should meet in the near future, to agree and prioritise the work programme, in order that work may commence as soon as practicable, prior to the next meeting.


Concerns were expressed by Members that not all topics identified for scrutiny could be completed by the year end due to the huge remit that the Committee was responsible for. The Chair indicated that on-going items needed to be concluded before work began on new items.


In relation to the suggestion by Members to look at the impact of the Welfare Reform, the Chair indicated that as this issue impacted on services across the Council, this item should be referred to the Co-ordinating Committee to look at.


In relation to Leisure Services, Ms Fish suggested that the Committee receive a presentation from the Department outlining their progress to date and their plans for the future.





(1)  That the following items be referred to the Chair and Spokespersons for consideration for inclusion in the Committees work programme for the 2013/2014 municipal year –


·  Francis Report – on-going

·  LAC – ongoing

·  Domestic Violence - ongoing

·  Health Inequalities

·  The Impact of Alcohol Misuse

·  Unnecessary hospital admissions

·  Complaints report

·  Leisure Review


(2)  the Co-ordinating Committee be requested to look at the impacts of the Welfare Reform;


(3)  the completion and prioritisation of the work programme be delegated to the Chair, party spokespersons and the independent Member of the Committee, prior to the next meeting; and


(4)  the Chair and spokespersons be delegated to agree to the commencement of any specific parts of the work programme prior to the next meeting of the Committee.


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