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Clatterbridge Cancer Centre - Proposed Reorganisation

To receive an update from representatives from the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.


The Committee considered a verbal presentation from representatives from the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, regarding the planned consultation.


Dr Nicky Thorpe, Clinical Lead, outlined the work that had taken place in Cheshire and Merseyside to consider and bring forward proposals for the development of world class cancer services in Cheshire and Merseyside through the establishment of a new Cancer Centre in Liverpool in conjunction with the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust, while retaining many services at Clatterbridge to ensure local access, and the further development of services across the area, to include an enhanced research facility.


Dr Thorpe reiterated that they would continue to offer services on Wirral, with 90% of patients living in Wirral being receiving treatment in Wirral from 2018.


Ms Fiona Jones, Project Director highlighted the processes to be undertaken and the timescales to which the project would be working to. It was scheduled that the new Cancer Centre at Liverpool would be completed by autumn 2018 and refurbishment of Clatterbridge would be done a further nine months later. Work on the Liverpool site would hopefully start in July 2016, subject to business case approval, planning permissions and the detailed design being signed off.


The business case was due for sign off early 2015-early 2016 and prior to this would be taken to the Board for sign off; further consultation would be undertaken with consultants.


Ms Jones indicated that all Merseyside and Cheshire local authorities Scrutiny Committees were being asked to determine whether the proposed changes at Clatterbridge Cancer Centre were deemed to be a substantial variation to service for to their residents. If Committees agree it to be so and at least one other Merseyside & Cheshire local Authority also agree that the changes were a substantial variation to service for them too, the new protocol for joint health scrutiny would come into play. In those circumstances, a Joint Scrutiny Committee across the participating authorities would be created for the duration of the review. It was currently anticipated that a number of the Merseyside & Cheshire local Authorities would be participating in this process.  


Ms Jones further indicated that a public consultation exercise would be undertaken during July-September 2014 and she would be working in consultation with NHS England.


Ms Jackie Robinson, Commissioning Support Unit, highlighted the consultation undertaken to date and the feedback received so far.


Pre-consultation process was undertaken in August 2012. Officers from the Trust consulted with a wide range of people including members of the public, community voluntary sector, patient groups, Healthwatch, cancer groups, clinicians and local authority Overview and Scrutiny Committees.


To date 90,000 people had completed the online consultation and attended the roadshows undertaken.


Following the consultation exercise, concerns had been raised by residents mostly living within the CH63 and CH64 postal area regarding access, extended travel, tunnel fares and parking facilities.


Ms Robinson indicated that all feedback received would be used to forward plan and that feedback received to date had proved positive for the move to Liverpool. However, there would be a continual dialogue with the public addressing all feedback received.


A consultation process would be undertaken following NHS England sign off and an information event would be held with GP’s and universities etc. Two further events would be held for the CVS, Healthwatch and Community Champions.


In response to Members’ comments, Ms Robinson indicated that there were comprehensive plans in place to undertake formal consultation and agreed to share this with Members.


In relation to parking charges, Ms Jones indicated that the Chief Executive had reiterated that the free parking for Cancer patients would remain on the new site at Liverpool.


The Committee was reassured that the high level of standards would be carried through to the new centre encompassing the ethos of Clatterbridge.


The plans highlighted by the Trust and reiterated that this proposal was not just about the building, it was about better outcomes for patients and better treatment access.


In response to comments, Ms Jones indicated that discussions had been held with CCG’s and GPs but there was a need to consult with them further.


Dr Thorpe responding to Members’ comments said that £11m would be invested into the Clatterbridge site. She expected all staff to continue to be employed although some people may change their place of work. Catering facilities management was provided through a separate organisation and with there being no in-patients on the future site there would be some loss of catering staff.




(1)  the proposals of the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC) NHS Foundation Trust seeking to reorganise service delivery affecting Wirral be noted and Ms Jones, Dr Thorpe, Ms Robinson and Ms Scott be thanked for their informative presentation;


(2)  in response to the formal consultation undertaken in respect of the proposals of Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust, it be agreed that the proposals are a substantial development or variation in service for Wirral; 


(3)  further to (2) above, the following members be appointed to the Joint Health Scrutiny Committee which will further consider the proposal relating to Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Trust in accordance with the “Protocol for the Establishment of Joint Health Scrutiny Arrangements for Cheshire and Merseyside”;-


Councillor Moira McLachlan

Councillor Wendy Clements




Councillor Denise Roberts

Councillor Cherry Povall


** Two further Members are to be nominated by their political groups.









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