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Vision 2018: An Update for Partner Governing Bodies/Organisational Boards


Councillor Chris Jones introduced a report by the Strategic Director - Families and Wellbeing which warned that there was a real and significant financial challenge facing the NHS, Local Government and the Council’s partners in the coming years.


The Cabinet noted that if the Council continued to deliver services the way it did now, the demand for services would outweigh the available funding.  An ageing population with increased complex health conditions, the increased expectations of patients, and the cost of new drugs and technologies that enabled people to live longer, meant, nationally, that the NHS would be facing a potential shortfall of £30 billion by 2020/21.  Alongside this, councils had to make unprecedented savings, due to reductions in funding from Central Government.  This was a challenge facing health systems up and down the country. 


Vision 2018 was the local response to national challenge which was being led by Chief Executive Officers (or equivalent) in; Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group; Wirral Council; Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Wirral Community NHS Trust and Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. 


Members noted that Vision 2018 was the plan to re-shape health services and social care in Wirral, whilst supporting people to take more responsibility for looking after their own health.  Over the next 20 years, the number of people who were aged over 85 or over would more than double, meaning many more people with multiple, long term health conditions and increased financial pressures.  However, it was also noted that these challenges also presented opportunities. 


Vision 2018 would transform GP, primary care, community health, hospital and social care services in Wirral.


It would mean:


-  Community based health services (e.g.: access to GPs, community nurses and social workers) seven days a week.

-  More hospital services in the community, with consultant led teams.

-  Health and social care professionals working together for people with ongoing needs: one assessment, one care plan, one key coordinator.

-  Specialist in-patient hospital care for those that need it.

-  Support for people to look after themselves and stay healthy.


A Vision 2018 Strategy was in the process of being developed to outline the case for change, to describe the vision for Wirral health and social care economy and how this would be achieved.


Attached to the report was the Vision 2018: An Update for Partner Governing Bodies/Organisational Boards which described the process to date in respect of:

·  the review of Vision 2018 governance arrangements and programme structure and priorities;

·  the case for change describing the size of the financial challenge and population need;

·  and the development of the next steps for implementing change.


Councillor Phil Davies made reference to the financial pressures and the increasing demand for local services.  He also referred to the link between poor health and an in ability to get into employment and not being able to improve quality of life.  Councillor Davies considered that the Council should do all that it could to enable people to stay in their own homes as long as possible.  He congratulated all those involved in the Vision 2018 on their hard work.




(1)  the progress of the development of Vision 2018 be noted; and


(2)  feedback be provided to the Strategic Leadership Group regarding progress to date and next steps.


Councillors Tony Smith and Stuart Whittingham left the meeting whilst the next item of business was under discussion.

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