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Directorate Plan Performance Management Report


The Head of Financial Services introduced a report which outlined the current performance of the Department (as at 30 November, 2014) against its Directorate Plan for 2014/15.


The report also included appendices with exception reports on those six items which had been ‘red’ rated for non-compliance against the specified target. The six measures rated red were:


·  Percentage of Performance Appraisals completed (TRCP03)

·  Percentage of suppliers paid (or payment terms) within 30 days (TRDP06)

·  Percentage of local SME suppliers paid within 10 days

·  Reduction in the total number of published supplementary agendas for Council, Cabinet and Committee meetings (TRDP10)

·  Percentage of Management Development Programme modules completed (TRDP12)

·  Percentage recovery of Council Tax (TRDP14)


In response to comments from Members the Head of Financial Services stated that in respect of TRDP06, performance had improved since November and as at the end of December the figure had increased to 87% from 81.96%. There had also been an improvement in TRDP07 with the figure increasing from 33.47% in November to 47% as at the end of December. He also agreed that a breakdown by Directorate could be provided.


The Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development responded to comments on Performance Appraisals and acknowledged that these were disappointing figures. These would be re-started in April on a rolling basis. There were some areas where PAs were not taking place because of a more dispersed workforce and workers who were part-time, so the possibility of team PAs was being looked into targeted at specific groups of workers. She went on to assure Members that PAs did not play any part in redundancy criteria.


The Head of Legal and Member Services responding to Members’ comments stated that work was in progress on accessing reports electronically at Committee meetings and discussions with Members would be had as to how best to support them.


Resolved – That the performance management report be noted.

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