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Corporate Plan Performance Management Report 2014/15


The Committee received a report by the Director of Public Health and Head of Policy and Performance which updated it on the current performance of the Council against the delivery of the Corporate Plan (as at 30 November 2014). The report translated the priorities set out in the Corporate Plan into a coherent and measurable set of performance outcome measures and targets.


The Committee was aware that Corporate Plan performance was monitored on a monthly basis against the parameters agreed as part of the business planning process (e.g. RAG tolerance levels). Some indicators were only available on a quarterly basis, in line with the availability of data. Heads of Service responsible for the delivery of targets had to complete an exception report and delivery plan for all indicators which were under performing (e.g. red RAG rated indicators).


The Committee noted that monthly Corporate Plan Performance Reports were produced and made available to support corporate challenge via:


·  Monthly DMTs

·  Monthly Portfolio Lead briefings

·  Quarterly Audit, Risk, Governance and Performance meetings

·  Quarterly Policy and Performance Committees


Attached to the report was the Corporate Plan Performance Report as at 30 November 2014 (Appendix 1) which set out performance against 20 outcome measures.  It was noted that of the twenty measures that were RAG rated, 16 were rated green, one was rated amber and three were rated red.  The three measures rated red had action plans (including Appendices 2, 3 and 4) which referred to:


·  NHS Health Checks – Take up.

·  Rate of Children in Need (per 10,000 population 0-17).

·  Performance Appraisals that had been completed.


Members asked a number of questions and where it was not possible to provide an answer at the meeting because no Officers from the Children and Young Peoples’ Department were in attendance, it was agreed that Officers would be requested to provide all Members of the Committee with written answers. It was noted that:


·  An Officer from the Children and Young Peoples’ Department would provide the definition of a looked after child, the various categories when a service was required and what triggers this.

·  The actual number of Children in Need in the Borough was currently not available, estimation had been provided but Members wanted to know when the definitive figure would be provided.  An Officer from the Children and Young Peoples’ Department would be requested to supply all Members of the Committee with this information.

·  Take up of Health Checks could vary from quarter to quarter because GP Practises could spread their Health Check invitations to best suit themselves. 

·  There was an element of fatalism and attitudes to health that stopped people going for Health Checks.  Going for a Health Check could mean that life styles would have to change.

·  There was low up take of Health Checks in the deprived wards.  

·  The opportunity to undergo a Health Check was well publicised.  There were videos and posters in community settings including GP Surgeries.

·  Some GP Surgeries did not send out letters inviting patients to undergo Health Checks and it was considered that they should do this.  The Head of Public Health agreed to look into this.

·  The Council provided Public Health grants (letter sent and then take up – two stage payments) and the Head of Public Health agreed to provide the detail for all Members of the Committee.  There were other incentives aimed at increasing the take up of Health Checks.  The Head of Public Health agreed to provide all Members of the Committee with the detail of these.

·  By 31 January 2015 the take up of Health Checks had in fact risen to 42% and the Head of Public Health was confident that the annual target would be met by 31 March 2015.




(1)  the contents of the report be noted; and


(2)  the written responses agreed as detailed above be made available to all Members of the Committee by the appropriate Council Officers.

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