Agenda item



Prior to the Item 6 – Public Questions and Answers, A Member raised the issue of the Town Talk Newspaper and in light of Members views expressed earlier in the meeting asked Members to consider as to whether or not there should be a future edition of the Newspaper.




That the Chair and Leader of the Council, Councillor Phil Davies be requested to follow up on the views expressed by Members about there being a future edition of the Town Talk Newspaper.  


Following on from the debate, The Chair indicated that 11 questions had been received prior to the meeting all of which had received a response from appropriate officers, copies of which were made available at the meeting.


The Chair invited the following members of the public to ask their questions.


Question 1 Tom Kershaw


Mr Kershaw raised concerns regarding the congestion on Gerald Road/Shrewsbury Road/Ball Road and down towards Borough Road.


He further expressed concern regarding the introduction of a mini roundabout at the junction of Gerald Road and Shrewsbury Road increasing the volume of traffic in the area.


Mr Kershaw had received a written response from the Technical Services Department.


A Member commented that the response received had not answered the concerns raised by Mr Kershaw and requested that a further written response be provided to Mr Kershaw


Question 2 Alfred Lennon


Mr Lennon raised concern regarding the Authority’s planning function and in particular the enforcement of planning conditions conveying the impression of chaos.


Mr Lennon raised concern regarding the ‘Courtyard’ Public Bar; a banner erected on the site of the former HSBC back without planning permission and a large blue metal box installed on the footway in Victoria Mout  outside the ‘Simply Drinks’ premises.


Mr Lennon had received a response from the Planning Department. A member indicated that the he was still awaiting further information from the Planning Department in response to the queries raised by Mr Lennon.


The Chair also asked for further information as to how many people had be prosecuted for illegal dumping and dog fouling.


Question 3 Bob Giles


Mr Giles asked about the vending machines at Europa and West Kirby leisure centres offering junk food.


In response Councillor Meaden, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Sport and Culture indicated that officers had experimented with healthy food at the centres but there was a lot of food wastage. The Council were in the process of looking at the leisure offer upon the end of the contract in April 2015.


Question 9 Rob Ellis


Mr Ellis raised concerns regarding the lack of street lighting on James Street, Oxton and also the dog fouling in Oxton Village.


Mr Ellis had received a response from the Technical Services Department.


In response to the request for further use of CCTV, A Member indicated that extra CCTV was included in budget resolution to Council, a Member then suggested that the Car Camera Vehicle be used to capture incidents of dog fouling.


In response to comments from Members, the Chair suggested that when a suitable Bill came along this could be added on to the Parliamentary Order Paper.