Agenda item



The second matter requiring approval was in relation to the Pay Policy Statement 2015/16 (including the Chief Executive’s salary) and the Cabinet recommendations of 12 March 2015 (minute 152 refers).


It was moved by Councillor Phil Davies and seconded by Councillor Ann McLachlan –


“That the recommendations contained within Cabinet minute 152 be approved”.


It was moved as an amendment by Councillor Jeff Green and seconded by Councillor Lesley Rennie –




Council notes the Conservative Group’s consistent opposition to the range and level of salary identified for the new Chief Executive.


Council further notes the Honoraria Policy referred to in the Council’s Pay Policy Statement for the financial year 2015/16 and expresses grave concerns regarding the lack of transparency over this scheme and the complete absence of any fair and open recruitment practices regarding these payments.


Therefore Council demands the immediate overhaul of this policy (along with the Council’s Acting Up policy) to ensure the openness and transparency of payments made and that open and fair competition for temporary promotions is put in place.”


A further amendment was moved by Councillor Phil Gilchrist and seconded by Councillor Stuart Kelly, that –


“Delete the reference to the increment of £5000 in the Cabinet Resolution and



Council notes that detailed terms were negotiated with the new Chief Executive in discussions following the selection process and further notes the salary represents a 1:11.2 multiple compared with the lowest paid in the organisation.


Council, however, believes that the proposed increments are substantial when

viewed in the context of the circumstances facing large numbers of Wirral Council’s employees.


The level of the increment should remain a matter of judgment for this Council and Council considers the Cabinet proposal to be excessive.


Council resolves that the level of increments to be paid should be considered after the Chief Executive has served for a full year and received a full performance appraisal.”


Following speeches by the movers and seconders and Councillor Phil Davies having replied, prior to the vote on the Conservative amendment, Councillor Jeff Green and five Conservative Members rose to request a ‘card vote’.


A ‘card vote’ was then taken on Councillor Green’s amendment and the Council divided as follows:


For the amendment (26) Councillors T Anderson, B Berry, C Blakeley, A Brighouse, C Carubia, P Cleary, Mrs W Clements, D Elderton, G Ellis, L Fraser, P Gilchrist, J Green, P Hayes, A Hodson, K Hodson, M Hornby, S Kelly, D Mitchell, T Pilgrim, C Povall, Mrs L Rennie, L Rowlands, A Sykes, G Watt, Mrs P Williams and S Williams.


Against the amendment (36) Councillors R Abbey, P Brightmore, J Crabtree, M Daniel, G Davies, P Davies, W Davies, P Doughty, R Gregson, P Hackett, T Johnson, A Jones, C Jones, A Leech, A McLachlan, M McLaughlin, C Meaden, C Muspratt, S Niblock, T Norbury, M Patrick, D Realey, L Reecejones, D Roberts, J Salter, H Smith, PA Smith, W Smith, C Spriggs, J Stapleton, M Sullivan, J Walsh, S Whittingham, I Williams, KJ Williams and J Williamson.


One abstention – Councillor S Foulkes.


The Conservative amendment was therefore lost (26:36) (One abstention).


The Liberal Democrat amendment was then put to the vote and it was lost (26:36) (One abstention).


The motion was put and carried (36:26) (One abstention)


Resolved (36:26) (One abstention) – That the recommendations contained within Cabinet minute 152, be approved.