Agenda item


To consider any recommendations of the Leader, Cabinet, Cabinet Member and Committees which require the approval of the Council. The relevant minutes are attached; copies of the related reports (where not attached) can be provided for Council members on request.


A.  Revised Local Development Scheme

Delegated decision of Cabinet Member – Economy 17/12/14 (attached) – the report and the revised Local Development Scheme are also attached and the Council is recommended to approve the adoption of the revised Local Development Scheme (part (3) of the resolution). (Pages 77 – 102)


B.  The Local Authorities (Standing Orders) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2015


The report is attached (Pages 103 – 112) and the Recommendation from Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee (1 July, 2015) (to follow)


C.  Beechwood and Ballantyne Community Housing Association Transfer of Engagements to Liverpool Housing Trust


The report is attached (Pages 113 - 135) and the Recommendation from the Cabinet meeting (29 June, 2015) (to follow)


D.  Policy and Performance Committee Remits and Statutory Scrutiny Responsibilities


The minute from the Policy and Performance Coordinating Committee meeting (23 June, 2015) is attached.


In accordance with Standing Order 5(2), four matters were submitted for approval by the Council (see minutes 23 to 26 post).

Supporting documents: