Agenda item



The Chair invited the following members of the public to ask their questions.


Question 1 Margaret Wycherley


Ms Wycherley was not present at the meeting but had raised concerns regarding ex-offenders selling door to door and asked if the Committee could help.


Ms Wycherley had received a written response from Merseyside Probation Services.


A member of the public asked if Birkenhead could apply to become a “no cold calling” zone, the Constituency Manager agreed to pursue this with Trading Standards Department. 


Question 3 W Knapton


W Knapton was not present at the meeting but had asked about the telephone pole which had been lying in the alleyway behind CH42 6PH since February, despite being reported several times, also could the bags of rubbish that have had warning notices on them for four weeks be cleared away from the alley gates adjacent. 


W Knapton had received a response from the Technical Services Department. In response, the Chair requested that the Environmental Task and Finish Group be asked to look at the issues raised on behalf of W Knapton. 


Question 4 John Brace


Mr Brace asked two questions, one in relation to an update on the Youth Zone “the Hive” and a second regarding the payroll taxes paid by Members. 


Mr Brace had received a response from the Children and Young People’s Department and the Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service.


Question 5 Frances Greenwood


Ms Greenwood who was not present at the meeting but asked about the utilisation of those serving Community Service and queried if there was a joint initiative with the Council and Probation Service.


Ms Greenwood had received a response from the Probation Service.


The Chair indicated that having read the response received by the Probation Service he had been impressed by the contributions made by Community Service and requested that on behalf of the Committee the Constituency Manager be asked to write to the Probation Services thanking them for the work they had undertaken and liaise with Ms Greenwood to identify further areas Community Payback could do.




Question 7 Bob Giles


Mr Giles asked three questions regarding the Council’s contribution to food banks; control measures with regard to charity collectors known as “chuggers” and plans to install a drinking water fountain at the Central Library.


Mr Giles had received responses from the appropriate officers/departments.


The Legal Advisor indicated that in relation to the issue of charity collectors he would liaise with the Council’s Licensing Manager and provide Mr Giles with a detailed response.


Question 8 Susanne McLoughlin


Ms McLoughlin asked the Committee if they would consider supporting a request to Merseytravel proposing a train station from Prenton to Liverpool.


Ms McLaughlin had received a response from Mersetravel.


On behalf of the Committee, the Chair asked Councillor A Davies to write to the Chair of Merseytravel to enquire about a new station in Prenton and request information on the distribution of expenditure from the investment budget i.e. how it was split between Wirral and other local authorities.