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Executive Arrangements and Pledge Champions


Councillor Phil Davies asked the Head of Legal and Member Services to introduce his report which set out changes to executive arrangements and the discharge of executive functions by the Leader of the Council as permitted under the ‘Strong Leader’ model of governance operated by the Council. 


The report also included proposals for the creation of Pledge Champions in relation to the 20 Pledges contained within the Wirral Plan. 


The report gave details of and confirmed:


(a)  Revised Cabinet Portfolios

(b)  Cabinet Members’ appointments

(c)  Revisions to:


i.  The Role of Cabinet (Article 7 of the Constitution);

ii.  Scheme of Delegation of Executive Functions to Cabinet Members; and

iii.  Scheme of Delegation of Executive Functions to Officers;


(d)  Revised Cabinet / Committee Reports and Minutes templates

(e)  Changes to Cabinet meetings; and

(f)  The creation of Pledge Champions, their role and appointments thereto.


Councillor Phil Davies stated that the administration was determined to deliver the 20 pledges in the Wirral Plan and these proposed changes would increase the pace of delivery benefiting both residents and businesses. The Pledge Champions would help in delivering the pledges in a more effective way, working closely with the relevant Cabinet Members and looking at best practice in other Authorities. He emphasised that they would not have any executive powers nor receive any special responsibility allowance. A list of names of the Pledge Champions was circulated at the meeting.




(1)  the revised Cabinet Portfolios and Cabinet Members confirmed by the Leader in Appendix 1 be noted.


(2)  Cabinet meetings, as from 1 January 2016 be held on Mondays at 10.00am (unless otherwise agreed by the Leader).


(3)  Cabinet notes the revised Role of Cabinet (Article 7 of the Constitution) set out at Appendix 2 and that it be referred to Council for inclusion in the Council’s Constitution; notes the Scheme of Delegation of Executive Functions to Cabinet Members (set out at Appendix 3) and Scheme of Delegation of Executive Functions to Officers (set out at Appendix 4), agreed by the Leader which shall take effect from 6 November 2015.


(4)  the revised Cabinet / Committee Reports, Cabinet Agenda and Cabinet / Committee Minutes templates (set out at Appendix 5) be approved and that they be applied as soon as practicably possible having regard to current work / reports in progress; and


(5)  the creation of Pledge Champions (as defined by their Job Role as set out in Appendix 6) for each Pledge within the Wirral Plan be approved; and the following appointments be made as confirmed by the Leader:





·  Older People Live well   I Williams

·  Children are ready for school      W Smith

·  Young people are ready for work and adulthood    P Brightmore

·  Vulnerable children reach their full potential    T Johnson

·  Reduce child and family poverty  A Davies

·  People with disabilities live independently    R Gregson

·  Zero tolerance to domestic violence    J Williamson




·  Greater job opportunities in Wirral    J Walsh

·  Workforce skills match business needs    J Stapleton

·  Increase inward investment  M Patrick

·  Thriving small businesses    D Realey

·  Vibrant Tourism economy    M Daniel

·  Transport & Technology Infrastructure fit for the future    R Abbey

·  Assets and buildings are fit for purpose for Wirral’s businesses  D Roberts




·  Leisure and cultural opportunities for all  C Spriggs

·  Wirral residents live healthier lives  S Foulkes

·  Community services are joined up and accessible    C Muspratt

·  Good quality housing that meets the needs of residents  S Niblock

·  Wirral’s Neighbourhoods are safe  B Kenny

·  Attractive local environment for Wirral residents    J Salter

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