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Budget Consultation Findings


Councillor Phil Davies introduced a report that informed the Cabinet that the Council was required to make significant budget savings over the coming five years.  On 18 December 2015 the Council had commenced consultation with staff, residents and other stakeholders on a series of savings proposals. Councillor Davies was grateful to all the local people who had taken the time to complete the consultation questionnaire.  He thanked them for their help as well as stakeholders and the three Policy and Performance Committees and the staff who had been involved.


The report also provided the Cabinet with the feedback from the consultation process for noting and for consultation when proposing the Council budget for 2016/17.  It included Elected Member feedback from a series of budget feedback workshops. 


Appended to the report were:


Appendix 1 – Detailed Consultation Findings

Appendix 2 – Transformation and Resources Policy and Performance Review

Appendix 3 – Regeneration and Environment Policy and Performance Review

Appendix 4 – Families and Wellbeing Policy and Performance Review




(1)  the consultation process and implementation described within the report be noted and Wirral residents, staff and other stakeholders be thanked for their input; and


(2)  the consultation findings within the report and associated appendix in relation to each budget proposal, and the feedback from Policy and Performance Committee Members be noted.

Supporting documents: