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Wirral Plan: A 2020 Vision - Underpinning Strategies: Housing Strategy


The importance of high quality, affordable homes cannot be underestimated. The impact a good home has on a family is almost immeasurable in terms of health, wellbeing, social mobility and general quality of life.


This Housing Strategy is a key part of delivering our 2020 Vision, setting out our strategic direction to ensure one of our most important pledges to make sure that living in Wirral means living in a good home, is achieved. This is a vital legacy that this generation must pass on to the next. Clearly, building thousands of new homes is a key challenge for us, however it is important to recognise that increasing the numbers of homes built can help kick start our economy, encourage more people to live and work in our borough and transform the lives of our current residents.


  Councillor George Davies




Councillor George Davies introduced a report of the Strategic Housing and Investment Manager as part of the Wirral Plan: A 2020 Vision which set out a shared partnership vision to improve outcomes for Wirral residents. Delivery of the priorities and outcomes described in the Plan were underpinned through the development and implementation of a set of key strategies and a Delivery Plan.


The report provided Cabinet with Wirral’s Housing Strategy 2016 – 2020; a key strategic document which articulated the ambition related to the Wirral Plan Environment Priority:


Wirral has an attractive and sustainable environment, where good health and an excellent quality of life is enjoyed by everyone who lives here”.


The report recognised the fact that a safe and secure home was vital to all Wirral residents. To respond to this, the Housing Strategy aimed to build more homes, improve the quality of Wirral’s housing offer and also meet the housing and support needs of the Council’s most vulnerable people to enable them to live independently.


Councillor Phil Davies welcomed the strategy and the ambition to build 3,500 new homes by 2020 as well as bring empty homes back into use. It was important to extend selective licensing schemes which currently operated in four areas and which he would like to see operating in more areas over the next five years. He would also like to see high quality apprenticeships involved in the programme of house building.


Reason for decision:


The Housing Strategy 2016 - 2020 details how the ambitions and outcomes set out within the Environment priority of the Wirral Plan: A 2020 Vision will be driven forward and achieved.


The strategy has been informed and developed as a result of key research, analysis and ongoing consultation and discussion with key partners and stakeholders to ‘reality check’ our priorities and the approach we need to take to move forward. It provides the clear framework for focusing our direction of travel ensuring collectively with our partners, we have the flexibility to respond to new and emerging issues as they arise, which impact directly on the borough as a whole.


RESOLVED: That the Housing Strategy 2016 – 2020, as set out in Appendix 1 to the report, be approved.


(Having declared a prejudicial interest, Councillor Whittingham left the room, whilst this item was considered.)

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