Agenda item

Birkenhead Constituency Manager's Report

To receive an update in relation to:


Keeping Birkenhead Clean


·  Update from the Involve project

·  Birkenhead in Bloom 2016

·  Clean-up programme for 2016


Feeding Birkenhead


·  Feeding Birkenhead update

Rock Ferry Hub

Beechwood Hub

St James Hub


·  Your Wirral Update


Road Safety update


·  Birkenhead Road Safety initiatives update and allocation of 2016-17 funds



The Constituency Manager provided an update on progress of projects funded by budgets devolved to the Birkenhead Constituency Committee.  A finance summary sheet for the Birkenhead Constituency Committee budget and expenditure was attached to the report as an appendix.


Also attached to the report were appendices which the Constituency Manager presented to the Committee in relation to updates on Clean-ups, the Birkenhead Food hub and the Birkenhead Library Health, Wellbeing and Reading Park.


The Constituency Manager provided further information to the Committee on the following:


Birkenhead in Bloom


The Constituency Manager reported that this had been a very successful day which had brought £15,000 from different sources and confirmed that it was a really positive way of getting the community together to improve the environment.  She advised Members that almost £5,000 had been used to hire 44 skips for clean ups in a number of areas throughout Birkenhead and that an estimated 33,000 tonnes of rubbish had been removed as a result of the clean-up days.


The Constituency Manager advised that the ‘Community Pay Back’ team had done a lot of work involving cleaning, weeding and painting and that this work would continue in the future.


Resolved –


(1)  That the successful completion of Birkenhead in Bloom areas; Involve North West contract and community clean ups, work by probation and the related spend on skips be noted.


(2)  That an invitation to tender for a further grotspots project be put out on the chest, allocation amount to be agreed, to be overseen by the Environment Task Group.


(3)  That £5,000 be allocated to the 2016-17 skip fund.


(4)  That £20,000 be allocated for environment works for 2016-17.



Food Hubs


The Constituency Manager reported that £15,000 had been invested into three food hubs:  Rock Ferry, Beechwood and Bidston and St James.


A representative from the Bidston and St James food hub addressed the meeting and advised that a weekly programme of activities had been run which included after school clubs where children and parents could eat.  She advised that 110 meals had been provided during that week and that they were working closely with the Local Authority and Children’s Centres to encourage families to attend.  She informed Members that together with Lifelong Learning they were hoping to provide adult cookery classes with an optional qualification in Food Hygiene, Nutrition and Allergy Awareness.  She believed that partnership was key and advised that they were working closely with Beechwood and Gautby Road Community Centres.


A representative from the Rock Ferry food hub was also in attendance.  She advised that the venue had now changed to Beaconsfield Community House and a lot more support could be offered.  She reported that 1637 meals and snacks had been delivered throughout the year of running the programme.  Members were informed that Rock Ferry food hub ran a weekly large social supermarket and allowed people to pay what they could in money, skills or time.  She reported that 1235 kilos of food had been intercepted and redistributed and that 345 k had been given to other projects.  This had all been done by the commitment of volunteers.


The Chair congratulated the representatives on the work that had been done.


The Constituency Manager referred to the Wirral Fare Share which had been launched before Christmas and was located in Wallasey Wheatland Road Business units.  She advised Members that they intercepted food from suppliers and outlets and distributed to charities at lower costs for redistribution to people as part of luncheon clubs, social food hubs and food banks.  It was reported that Fare Share now had a number of Birkenhead Members.


The Constituency Manager reported that food hubs were working together and had decided to increase their order and delivery from His Church from August 2016 and expressed her thanks to the volunteers.


Resolved –


(1)  That the progress of the Birkenhead food hubs be noted.


(2)  That £40,000 of the 2016-17 committee funding be allocated to the Feeding Birkenhead Task Group for expanding food related projects.


Your Wirral Birkenhead


The Constituency Manager reported that since the last committee meeting a final round of Birkenhead Your Wirral Funding took place and a total of £22,560 was awarded to 10 organisations to carry out projects to address food poverty and provide provision to children and young people during the school holidays.  It was reported that after all the projects were awarded, an underspend of £69,049 remained and that this could be used as matchfunding for a community shop project located in the Pyramids, subject to securing lottery funds for the project.


Resolved –


(1)  That the progress in relation to Your Wirral spend 2015-16 be noted.


(2)  That it be noted there remained £69,049 to match fund the community shop project.


Road Safety


The Constituency Manager advised that the Road Safety Task Group had met on 11 December 2015 and considered nine road safety proposals.  Members were advised that funds had been allocated to Circular Road, Hinderton Road and Bidston Village and that the projects were currently being delivered by the Highways and Road Safety Section.


It was reported that a further £32,500 had been allocated to the Constituency Committees for 2016-17.


Resolved –


(1)  That the update from the Road Safety projects 2015-16 be noted.


(2)  That the allocation of £32,500 for 2016-17 road safety projects be delegated to the Road Safety Task Group.


Tackling ASB


The Constituency Manager reported that in 2015-16 the Committee had £54,000 to allocate to ASB projects and that the total spent was £23,999.  It has been agreed by the ASB task group and committee that the remaining £30,034 go to the Integrated Approach where it would be allocated through the Police and the ASB team.


Resolved – That the Constituency Committee note that the integrated team had allocated the funds to the following projects:


-  Child Sexual Exploitation Project - £1,000

-  Sports Development Project at the tennis centre until ‘The Hive’ opens in February 2017 - £2,136.

Supporting documents: