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The Former Lyndale School, Eastham


Councillor George Davies, Cabinet Member - Housing and Community Safety, said:


“Now the former pupils of The Lyndale School are receiving their education at the other excellent schools in the borough, it falls on the Council to determine the best use of the old school building and surrounding land. Making sure we make the best possible use of every public building and asset is vital – to get best value for Wirral residents, to invest in and create jobs, and homes and to protect and improve Wirral’s local environment. This is equally true for this site; we must do everything we can to find the best possible use for the land for the benefit of all local residents.”


Councillor Phil Davies introduced a report with the purpose of declaring the former Lyndale School site in Eastham, as surplus to operational requirements and to seek authority for its disposal.  Councillor Davies informed that the School’s former pupils had all been accommodated in other excellent schools in the borough.


It was noted that, if the Cabinet approved this proposal, additional authority would be required from the Secretary of State to dispose of the site and the playing fields and this would be submitted following a statutory consultation period. 


Should the disposal be approved by the Secretary of State, it was proposed that a marketing exercise for the site be undertaken on the Council’s behalf by its appointed property consultants and the site be sold on the best terms reasonably achievable as recommended by the consultant.  This was considered to be the best way of meeting the Council’s obligation to achieve best value as required by section 123 of the Local Government Act 1972. 


The Cabinet noted, in particular, that the Secretary of State required that capital receipts, following the disposal of playing fields, were re-invested in sports facilities, recreation or education facilities at other schools.


The former Lyndale School was located in Lyndale Avenue, Eastham - as shown thickly edged on the plan appended to the Cabinet report. The whole site extended to approximately 2.2 acres.  The Cabinet, at its meeting of 17 December 2014, had made the decision to close the school (effective on 31 August 2016) and from that date it was no longer required for Council purposes.




(1)  the former Lyndale School be declared surplus to operational requirements and authority be granted to disposal of it on the best terms as recommended by the Council’s appointed property consultants, subject to Secretary of State approval;


(2)  officers be requested to undertake the necessary consultation prior to the Secretary of State application being made to dispose of the school playing fields;


(3)  demolition of the building be undertaken immediately (which can be prior to the Secretary of State application being approved to dispose the school playing fields and school land, which is allowable);


(4)  the land be appropriated for planning purposes; and


(5)  it be made clear that any Capital receipts received for the disposal of the site be re-invested in sports facilities, recreation or education facilities at other schools in the borough.

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