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Devolved Budget: Transport Plan for Growth


The Constituency Manager introduced a report which set out details of proposals by elected members for spend from the devolved Transport Plan for Growth fund. The Committee had £32,500 available to allocate from the Transport Plan for Growth Fund in 2016/17. However, due to a number of schemes previously funded by the Constituency Committee from the devolved Integrated Transport Block (ITB) Capital Programme Fund, being completed at a cost lower than anticipated and budgeted for, £44,571.93 uncommitted spend had been carried forward into 2016/17; this was in addition to this year’s allocation of £32,500. A total of £77,071.93 was therefore available for the Committee’s re-allocation.


In addition, the Committee had set aside £10,000 from its core budget (11 December 2013, minute 11) for work to improve road maintenance and safety. Following the devolvement of the ITB Capital Programme Fund shortly after, this remained ring-fenced to deal with any potential overspends on individual schemes funded through the ITB Fund. Taking into account all of the above, the Committee was therefore able to agree all schemes proposed by elected members for 2016/17.


Councillor Blakeley asked if the underspend could be used towards the resurfacing of footways in Lingham Park, Moreton.


The Constituency Manager reported that no costings had been undertaken in respect of this scheme and the Chair agreed that once these had been obtained the matter could be brought back to the next Committee.


With regard to the proposed scheme for Newlands Drive and Winchester Drive, in Wallasey / Liscard wards a Member raised this matter as to what the full measures would be.


Councillor Lewis clarified that residents had expressed concerns over traffic speed as both roads were used as a cut through to avoid traffic lights at Belvidere Road; full traffic calming could involve speed humps or an alternative would be for 20mph zone with signage and markings. It was, however, unclear what option residents would prefer and he suggested that the highways section consult with residents as to their preference.


A  Member commented that he was not mindful to support schemes of a larger scale which would be taking a large percentage of the funds available.


The Chair suggested that as there was also some confusion over the size of schemes that could be put forward for consideration from this devolved budget a note be circulated to the Committee Members clarifying the types of project which could be brought forward.


Resolved (14:0) –


(1)  That the following schemes as detailed in appendix 1 to the report, be funded:


Leasowe and Moreton East

·  Hopfield Road -   £1,875

·  Wilkes Avenue -   £950


Moreton West and Saughall Massie

·  Various (for traffic surveys) -   £2,650

·  Various (road safety schemes – based upon

outcome of surveys -   £3,350


New Brighton

·  Kings Parade (Model Boating Lake) -   £3,950



·  Belvidere Road / Meadway -   £2,200

·  Green Lane to Harrison Drive -   £3,750

·  Greenleas Primary School -   £5,950

·  Hoseside Road / Elleray Park Road -   £2,200

·  Prospect Vale / Belvidere Road -   £2,200

·  Saltburn Road / Greenleas Road -   £5,700

·  Wallacre Road (also in Liscard Ward) -   £900

·  Winchester Drive / Newlands Drive -   £4,200


(2)  That with regard to the proposals for traffic calming at Newlands Drive / Winchester Drive, residents be consulted as to what scheme they would prefer, but the amount of £38,783.35 was allocated by the Committee.

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