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Commissioning and Transformation Strategy

Report of the Director of Commissioning and Transformation.


Nesta Hawker introduced a report informing Members that the Commissioning and Transformation Strategy shared the high level plans and commissioning priorities of Wirral Health and Care Commissioning (WHaCC) up to 2021. WHaCC would lead on the development of place based care on Wirral. This model was that local people who accessed care would have seamless care pathways and that there would be more focus on enabling people to remain well, without the need of help from traditional formal services.


Members noted that the focus would be on people and place, not on organisations. The transformation of service delivery was expected to reduce the need for high cost acute care and improve health and wellbeing, reducing the need for long term care. The aim was to improve the outcomes for the people of Wirral and also to deliver sustainable services, both clinically and financially. It was reported that placed based care was being developed in response to the challenges that the Wirral health and care system faced. These included constrained funding, increasing demand, fragmentation of services and the need to deliver better health, better care and better value for the people of Wirral.


The ambition to provide services at the most appropriate local level had led to the development of the 51 – 9 – 4 – 1 model. This footprint had been developed on population needs and the nine neighbourhoods as outlined in the Strategy would be the focal delivery point for care which would be ‘wrapped around’ the person. Therefore, the neighbourhood’s development was the priority for 2018/19. These neighbourhood teams would have an integrated workforce spanning primary, secondary, mental health and social care and importantly community and voluntary groups.


To achieve this ambition for WHaCC to commission on a place based care basis a gradual approach to this new way of commissioning would be adopted with the phasing in based upon segments of the population. Due to the demographic of Wirral the first priority would be older people with a focus on frailty. Members were made aware that the aim was to develop a prospectus which would outline the outcomes expected for the frailty population on Wirral. This would be co-produced with both the public and stakeholders.


The Strategy was appended to the report and was intended to share the plans for the development of place based commissioning.  It outlined the vision of how it would move to commission on popular based health and care outcomes.


Members were informed that the single commissioning strategy had been developed in partnership with stakeholders from across the health and care system. A key intention of bringing together the Local Authority and CCG Commissioning was to have a single approach to commissioning health and care services, therefore, separate strategies were not in line with the key aims and no other options had been considered.


Councillor Bernie Mooney declared a personal interest in this item of business by virtue of her employment with Age UK.



Members considered the documentation in detail, noted it had been presented to the Health and Wellbeing Board and commented and asked questions on the following:


·  Commissioning intentions going forward over the next 2 – 3 years.

·  Joined up preventative work.

·  Outcomes that were different from that of the last Strategy – better and transformational.

·  Work of Age UK – frailty and loneliness of the older population.

·  Engagement and consultation, working with staff, Public Health colleagues and a whole host of people.

·  Primary work streams reflected in the commissioning intentions described within the Strategy.

·  Collaboration at neighbourhood level.

·  A system of personalised care for local communities, targeted where needed. Ensuring that people were able to access voluntary sector and know what was available in their local communities.

·  Monitoring what was available and whether people’s needs were met.

·  Place based care must provide people with what they wanted and needed. Urgent needs must be met in an appropriate and timely fashion.

·  Lots of engagement with the providers and work had been going on through the neighbourhood teams for a considerable period of time.


The NHS Wirral CCG Members RECOMMENDED (to the CCG):


That the revised Commissioning and Transformation Strategy be adopted.


Wirral Borough Council’s three Cabinet Members, sitting as a Committee of the Cabinet




That the revised Commissioning and Transformation Strategy be adopted.

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