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Urgent Care Consultation (Verbal Update)


Jacqui Evans, Assistant Director Integrated Commissioning Programme introduced a high level update presentation on the Urgent care Consultation currently being undertaken. Ms Evans explained that a formal report had been planned for dissemination to the Adult Health and Care Overview and Scrutiny Committee, however due to further delays in the consultation process a verbal update had been provided instead.


The presentation informed that Provided Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) had been provided with a set of standards that must be followed when providing urgent care services. Using feedback from a ‘listening exercise’, 2 options had been developed for review and public consultation would shortly begin on these options. A third option had been considered, but discounted during the process for a number of reasons. The presentation further informed that the key messages behind the Urgent Care Review and consultation were:


  • the need to improve access to urgent care services across Wirral;
  • an Urgent Treatment Centre based at Arrowe Park;
  • no change to Wirral's only A&E or Children’s A&E services;
  • the need for easier access and clearer choices for urgent care services;
  • stronger links with primary care and bringing care closer to home; and
  • re-design of NHS 111 to provide an improved service.


The Assistant Director Integrated Commissioning Programme informed that 2 specific options had been developed for public consultation, and opinions will be gathered on specific areas such as opening times and service offering. Members were apprised that it was important that the NHS provide services locally and the public would be asked what was important to them when considering where local services should be delivered across Wirral. The public will also be asked for their views on the current urgent care services as well as the newly proposed model.


Members questioned the Assistant Director Integrated Commissioning Programme seeking clarity on a number of points arising from her presentation. Members were informed that the planned service would provide a mixture of primary and clinical treatment i.e. urgent treatments that would be GP-led, involving senior nursing staff, therapists with access to social care and 3rd sector advice – primary and community care working together. 


At the suggestion of the Chair, it was agreed that pre-scrutiny would take place on proposals at a special joint meeting of the Adult Care and Health, and Children and Families, Overview and Scrutiny Committees to be held in early November 2018. In addition, a confidential briefing note on proposals should also to be circulated to Members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee in the week of 19 September 2018.


Given Members concerns regarding parking and transport issues relating to options for the Arrowe Park location, it was suggested that a Transport Steering Group be convened as soon as practicable.


Resolved – That


(1)  the presentation be noted;


(2)  a special meeting of the Adult Health and Care and the Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny Committees be arranged for November 2018 to consider the proposals for  Urgent Care Services; and


(3)  a Transport Steering Group meeting be arranged at the earliest opportunity to review the options proposals.


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