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A Report by the Interim Director for Highways and Streetscene considered objections submitted against the proposal to introduce a scheme of parking restrictions on Memorial Drive and Archway Close (Bellway Homes Mallory Park Housing Development), Tranmere.


The report recommended that the Highways & Traffic Representations Panel note the objections and recommended that the proposal as shown on Appendix 1 is approved for implementation.


Members heard how planning application OUT/12/00824 was approved in March 2015 and the reserved matters application was approved in September 2015. It was explained how, when the finalised road layout was approved, discussions with the developer resulted in signing and lining being agreed which would need to follow the legal traffic order procedure.


Members were advised how the properties on the new housing development were located within a wider area for which people park their vehicles to watch Tranmere Rovers. The roads within the housing development currently have no parking restrictions and are within close walking distance to the ground and therefore it is an attractive location for non-residents to park their vehicles.


The Highways Officer reported that the introduction of this traffic order is not a resident parking scheme and the restrictions are proposed to prevent obstructive and inconsiderate parking occurring at times when there would be more people in the area trying to park their vehicles and the areas that are to be left unrestricted are not parking bays.


Members were then informed that without the introduction of a traffic order the area could become known as somewhere to park on match days and these people may park on bends, junctions and obstruct the passage of vehicles along the road. Members were advised that a method to control parking in the area would be through the introduction of a TRO and that without the existence of a TRO, the Council has very limited powers in dealing with nuisance parking and is unable to issue penalty charge notices to persons who park causing an obstruction.


Objections to the proposed restrictions were outlined within the report. Members heard how the statutory advertising process for the proposal to introduce a scheme of parking restrictions included publication of notices on the roads and in the press on 22 August 2018, with an objection period from 22 August 2018 to the 14 September 2018 and all party spokespersons and ward members had been informed. In addition, letters were hand delivered to 90 properties within the Mallory Park estate and during the consultation 6 individual objections were received. Two additional objections were received after the end of the consultation period, one being noted in the report. The other additional objection was circulated for information. The content of the objectors concerns were outlined within the report and responses provided.


In response to a question by a Member, the Highways Officer explained how Tranmere Rovers had arrangements regarding parking permits with members of the public, however, next season, there are plans in place to bring the permit scheme back under the control of the Council.


An objector to the scheme addressed the Panel to highlight his initial concerns but advised that since clarity had been sought on the scheme only being in operation on match days, residents had been somewhat reassured. He gave examples of situations whereby residents had struggled to park outside their properties.


A second objector then addressed the Panel to outline her concerns. Members heard that generally residents had not experienced any issues with parking on match days and that she had never experienced parked cars causing any obstruction.


The Panel also had regard to a written representation from a local resident who could not be in attendance.


In response to the objectors concerns, the Highways Officer advised that at present there may not have been any issues but as the estate is new and there are still some works to be completed, there may well be issues once it is complete. He further advised that without restrictions there is greater potential for obstructions to be caused.


Councillor Angela Davies, Ward Councillor then addressed the Panel to outline concerns on behalf of residents. She informed the Panel of her concerns that although there do not appear to be any issues at present, her concern is fans would get to know where they could park without any restrictions.


Having had regard to all information presented by Officers, Objectors and the Ward Councillor, the Panel adjourned to reach their decision.


Upon returning, all parties were then informed of the resolution.


Resolved that:


(1)  The Highways and Traffic Representations Panel note the report and objections received and;


(2)   the proposed scheme to introduce parking restrictions on Memorial Drive/ Archway Close as set out in the report should not be implemented and;


(3)  Officers monitor parking issues within the area for 12-18 months and if necessary, implementation of the scheme would be re visited, as it is within the maximum duration that an Order can be made of two years from the making of the initial notice.  


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