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Wirral Evolutions Annual Update


Jean Stephens (Managing Director) and Mike Naden (Chairman) introduced their report that provided an update for Members on the priorities and future direction of Wirral Evolutions Ltd.  The report centred on the organisations guiding principles to ensure:


·  People supported were at the heart of everything the organisation does;

·  Service delivery was of the highest quality, enabling greater outcomes and benefits for the people supported;

·  Strong engagement and partnership working with the people supported, families, carers, stakeholders and communities;

·  The business operated in an efficient and effective manner raising standards; and

·  Governance Standards and Principles were maintained and adhered to the highest level.


The report informed that Wirral Evolution’s Strategic Framework was aligned to Wirral Council 2020/30 Pledges and Healthy Wirral Plan that set out a series of 20 pledges whereby the Council and its partners would work to achieve by 2020, focusing on three key themes:


·  Protecting the most vulnerable

·  Driving economic growth

·  Improving the local environment


The report further informed that Wirral Evolutions Ltd was established in May 2015 as a private company limited by shares, trading as a Local Authority Trading Company (LATCo) providing support services for 407 adults with a wide range of learning and physical disabilities. The size of the adult population in Wirral with a learning disability aged 18 and over was estimated at 5,914 (2016) with a slight predicted increase to 6042 by 2030.


Ms Stephens welcomed the opportunity to share the Company’s plans for the future, and updated Members on the future direction of services, working to deliver against the organisation’s vision 'to enable the people supported had choice and exercised control of their own lives'. Ms Stephen’s cited examples of how people were now travelling independently, growing in confidence and informed on other areas of work that focused on:


·  The need to work in partnership with other organisations. Co-developing of products and services to meet needs.

·  Working with self-advocacy service – who provided great help and support to service users.

·  ‘Making it real’ – involvement in future direction of service.

·  Significant investment on facilities, driving up standards.

·  Focus on outputs – activities, health and wellbeing, and skills.


Jean Stephens (Managing Director) and Mike Naden (Chairman) invited comments/questions from Members of the Committee.


The Chair thanked the Ms Stephens and Mr Nader noting that it was good to hear about the organisations intentions and requested further information about what the organisation had done in the form of scorecard and evidence of outputs.


Further questions followed on a range of subjects that included:


·  Councillor’s attendance at the organisation’s monthly meetings, and why this has been stopped.

·  What plans were in place for refurbishment and upgrading of Wirral Evolution’s buildings to become pleasant welcoming venues.


Jean Stephens (Managing Director) confirmed that part of the organisation’s five-year business plan would be looking at co-location e.g. sports centres, and moving away from 70’s institutional type feel, was included in an asset review. Investigation would take place as to why Councillors had not been invited to meetings.


Chair thanked the speakers for their report.


Resolved – That a further report be produced containing information regarding performance data, company assets, business cases, meeting requirements of commissioning, for presentation to this Committee or the Health and Wellbeing Panel (as appropriate).


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