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Urgent Care Review - Outcome of Consultation


Dr Paula Cowan Chair, Wirral CCG introduced the report of Wirral Health and Care Commissioning, Nesta Hawker, Director of Commissioning and Transformation. A presentation also accompanied the report.


The report outlined the current position of urgent care transformation work and focused on consultation and engagement feedback.


The Chair advised the Adult Care and Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee that the report did not cover the CCG decision regarding the Urgent Care Review (UCR), and that this specific information was scheduled for publication on the Council’s website on Friday 28 June, for consideration by the Joint Strategic Commissioning Board (JSCB) at its meeting to be held on 9 July 2019.


A special meeting of the Wirral Adult Care and Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OSC) had been scheduled for 24 July 2019.


Members were made aware that the OSC was requested to provide its final recommendations or comment on the consultation by 5pm, Friday 5 July 2019, to provide feedback for commissioners when they consider the final recommendations prior to decision by the CCG Governing Body on 9 July 2019.


Dr Paula Cowan Chair, Wirral CCG introduced her presentation and summary of the clinical senate report findings. She informed of the variety of consultation methods undertaken between September and December 2018 that had generated a great deal of public interest.


Dr Cowan informed that an independent organisation had been employed to assess feedback on the 2 options consulted upon (including urgent treatment in the community), Walk-In Centres and arrangements for treatments for children.


Dr Cowan apprised the Committee of details relating to the statistical feedback that favoured option one, with an overall preference rating of 66.5%.


Areas covered within the presentation included information on bookable appointments and the (disliked) closures to minor injury and illness and walk-in centres in local communities.


Members noted that during consultation, the CCG engaged with the public at a range of events and roadshows (in excess of 80 individual events) across Wirral. These included focus groups, public meetings, stakeholder engagement meetings and visits to current urgent care locations. Local and regional media were utilised to highlight the consultation and a household postcard drop was also completed.  Engagement activity also included visits to shopping centres and social media posting on Facebook and Twitter


A Member commented that there was one troubling aspect i.e. that of no visit to one of the Walk-In sites, that at Eastham. He sought assurance that the lack of a visit would have had an adverse effect when the final decision was to be taken. Reassurance was given that it did not have a detrimental effect.


The Chair thanked the speakers, and pointed out in summary that since the consultation had been undertaken MerseyTravel and private bus operator Stagecoach had further reduced their services, adding to Members concerns about future access to the Urgent Care Treatment service.


Resolved – That


1)  The Adult Care and Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee thanks officers of the CCG for this report and notes that the consultation was wide ranging as an exercise;


2)  The Committee also looks forward to the publication of the revised plan and hopes that it addresses the strongly expressed concerns as captured in the consultation document; and


3)  A special Committee meeting will take place on 24 July to allow Committee Members opportunity to examine the revised plan and its implication for residents.

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