Agenda item

Amendment to Existing and Creation of New Policies Relating to Private Sector Housing


Councillor Stuart Whittingham introduced a report on the proposed revisions to the Council’s Housing Standards Enforcement Policy Statement (referred to as the policy statement) and proposed new policies and procedures on:


·  The use of Civil Penalties

·  Rent Repayment Orders

·  Banning Orders

·  Rogue Landlord Database

·  Determining a fit and proper person and management arrangements at licensable properties

·  Enforced Sales


The report sought to agree the implementation of both the revisions to the policy statement and the new policies as listed above. The policies would help in protecting Wirral’s most vulnerable residents and low income families.


These proposed changes would also assist the Council in meeting the objectives of the Wirral Plan pledges through the provision of “Good quality housing which meets the needs of residents” and the aim of improving 2,250 private sector properties by 2020.


On a motion by Councillor Stuart Whittingham, seconded by Councillor Anita Leech, it was -


Resolved - That:


(1)  The proposed revisions to the policy statement and new policies and procedures on the use of Civil Penalties, Rent Repayment Orders, Banning Orders, the Rogue Landlord Database, determining a fit and proper person and management arrangements at licensable properties and Enforced Sales, be approved.


(2)  Delegated authority be given, for periodic review and any minor amendments to these documents, to the Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning.


(3)  It be agreed that additional financial income generated from civil penalties and rent repayment orders is used to support further enforcement activity involving sub-standard private rented sector properties.


Reasons for decision: Both updating the policy statement and introducing new policies and procedures relating to specific legislative powers is considered to be good practice and follows both statutory and non-statutory guidance. Such action is essential to support the successful use of relevant statutory powers in relation to substandard housing conditions.

Supporting documents: