Agenda item

Chief Executive Appointment


The Director of Change and Organisational Design, Mrs Nikki Boardman, introduced a report which responded to requests from previous meetings of this committee, held in March and June 2019 (minutes 29 (5/3/19) and 3 (12/6/19) refers) and set out options for the Committee to consider in relation to the recruitment of a permanent Chief Executive. The report also detailed a number of other issues in relation to the post including the requirement for the role itself, the level of renumeration and arrangements for a quarterly appraisal with other political group leaders invited to participate.


The Council had a number of immediate key priorities to address in relation to the ongoing financial challenges, development of the Local Plan and the ‘once in a lifetime’ plans to regenerate the Borough and grow the economy to improve the lives of Wirral residents. The Council required strong leadership to ensure it was able to meet these challenges and take these opportunities it had to move forward as quickly as possible.


Members expressed support for the role of Chief Executive (Head of Paid Service) to be retained as a dedicated post.


All Members expressed their support for the current Interim Chief Executive, Paul Satoor, to be appointed permanently to the post without the need for an expensive recruitment process, in light of his work in the role over the past four months since his appointment to the interim position. Members had found him to be effective, supportive and approachable in the role with a clear vision for the future of the organisation.


The Director of Governance and Assurance clarified the position in respect of the fees attached to the role of Returning Officer.


In response to a Member’s comment, the Committee were assured that this appointment would not set a precedent for future Chief Officer appointments.


The suggestion was also made and agreed that, in view of the less formal nature of this appointment process, Paul Satoor should be invited to address this Committee at a future date outlining his vision for the organisation.


On a motion by the Chair seconded by Councillor Lesley Rennie, it was –


Resolved (unanimously) –


(1)  That the role of Chief Executive (and Head of Paid Service) be retained as a dedicated post.


(2)  That the remuneration for the post of Chief Executive (and Head of Paid Service):


(i)  be set as a ‘spot’ salary of £163,216 (and any future pay rises remain subject to the outcome of national pay bargaining arrangements);


(ii)  as a consequence of which the current salary range for the Chief Executive post of £158k-£178k with automatic incremental progression through the range be discontinued; and


(iii)  future remuneration for the post of Chief Executive (and Head of Paid Service) is not set as a capped or applied ratio between Chief Executive pay and pay of the lowest paid employees.


(3)  That this Committee recommends to Council that the Interim Chief Executive Mr Paul Satoor, be appointed to the post of Chief Executive (Head of Paid Service), Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer, with immediate effect.


(4)  That Committee notes the arrangements that have been put in place for the Chief Executive’s appraisal.