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Councillor Pat Cleary moved and Councillor Chris Cooke seconded the following Motion submitted in accordance with Standing Order 7(1):


“Council notes that, following the declaration of a Climate Emergency in Wirral, the draft climate strategy states that:

·  Transformation on an extraordinary scale is needed

·  To meet our fair share of the global pollution reduction challenge means cutting CO2 by an average of 13.4% each year compared to the present reduction of around 3.8 % per year

·  The transport sector accounts for 26% of Wirral’s carbon foot print

·  We must see a complete shift to fossil fuel free local travel by around 2030

Council is also aware that:

·  Wirral has again been excluded from the City Region’s plans for new train stations and there is no funding in place to boost the number of train stations in Wirral

·  The bus network in Wirral continues to be eroded by the withdrawal of some services and reductions in others, leaving more and more residents isolated and increasing car dependency

·  That the City Region’s Cycling Infrastructure Plan to 2029 falls well short of providing a comprehensive network of safe cycling routes in Wirral and, to date, funding has only been secured for a single scheme in Wirral (Leasowe to Seacombe)

·  That there is no plan in place for comprehensive public transport within the Wirral Waters area and the council has still to declare any alternative to the proposed streetcar scheme

Council therefore agrees that there is a huge amount of work to be done and funds to be raised if we are to honour our Climate Emergency declaration and also achieve zero-carbon transport by 2030.

Council also notes the Workplace Parking Levy introduced by Nottingham City Council in 2012. This applies a charge for all employers with 11 or more parking spaces with funds ring fenced for transport improvements. To date, this has helped deliver:

·  The highest bus and tram use per head in the country outside London.

·  Reduced congestion, improvements to local air quality and lower carbon emissions

·  Additional funding streams as every £1 generated by the levy has helped deliver an additional £2 in funding from external sources. This has helped finance a doubling in the local tram network, refurbished train and bus stations and the fully electric Link bus network

Council therefore requests cabinet to ask relevant officers to prepare a report on whether the development of the Workplace Parking Levy in Nottingham, a city with a congested road network and the benefit of a directly controlled bus service and advanced transport network and two established Air Quality Management Areas, has any lessons that can be transferred to the very different circumstances in Wirral.

This to include but not limited to:

·  The potential direct revenue generation to 2030 for Wirral Borough Council

·  An estimate of additional funding from external sources leveraging the funds secured from a local levy

The practical steps required in order to introduce a scheme with particular reference to the lengthy process of consultation undertaken in Nottingham, the exemptions that had to be made for members of the NHS and other services, the impact on schools and an understanding of the impact on residential areas where parking might have been displaced from businesses into residential areas and the need for effective consultation with small businesses.




Councillor Steve Foulkes moved and Councillor Tony Smith seconded an amendment in accordance with Standing Order 12(9).


Councillor Wendy Clements moved and Councillor Andrew Hodson seconded an amendment in accordance with Standing Order 12(9).


Following a debate which focussed on the difficulties of various modes of transport including busses and trams, the two amendments and Motion were put to the vote. The first amendment received 22 votes for, 27 against and 1 abstention and was declared lost. The second amendment received 16 votes for, 33 against with one abstention and was declared lost.


The substantive Motion was then voted on (11 for, 38 against with 1 abstention) and declared lost.

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