Agenda item

Work Programme


The Committee considered the work programme for the municipal year.


The Director of Regeneration and Place provided the Committee with a verbal update on the work achieved already and planned for the following year. Highlights included:


·  £144 million in grants received for projects;

·  the start of work on the Wirral Waters development in March 2021 with the diversion of a culvert, with 500 housing units to follow,  delivering on part of the Birkenhead 2040 Framework;

·  the Hythe office development was due to open shortly, funders included the Merseyside Pension Fund;

·  the Urban Splash development with new modular homes on site

·  the Birkenhead Town Centre re-development was underway with  150,000 sq ft of office development which was award winning in respect of digital connectivity and supported local contractors in the supply chain;

·  Eureka Mersey was to open in the summer of 2022,

·  Freeport designation for the City Region including the Wirral Waters area; 

·  the appointment of a preferred developer for New Ferry Regeneration;

·  the development of the Birkenhead 2040 Public Realm and Property Design Guide;

·  the draft site development plan for Pasture Road Moreton was pending approval;

·  there was on going investment in employment and skills especially in the maritime sector.


The Chair, in addition to seeking endorsement of the work programme, proposed an amendment to the working group arrangements approved at the last meeting, following advice from officers. He indicated that his intention was to make the proposed working group more effective and efficient in respect of Scrutiny of the wider regeneration programme and with a view to maintaining constructive relationships with the Council’s development partners. The meetings would allow for feedback to be provided in relation to progress and for any concerns to be raised. The amendment was seconded by Councillor Andrew Hodson.


Resolved: That:


(1)  the content of the Economy, Regeneration and Development Committee work programme proposed in the report for the remainder of the 2021/22 municipal year be agreed;


(2)  a Working Group be established to look at the performance of the Regeneration Programme.  Along with the Chief Executive, Director of Regeneration and key officers, members from Economy, Regeneration and Development Committee will meet with the Council’s development and funding partners regularly to discuss the performance of the regeneration programme for the Borough. This group will look at the performance of specific projects or schemes within that programme that have been reported by exception as experiencing delays or issues against the expected timeframes.


(3)  the second part to the Working Group will be to meet with lead Officers from the key service areas (i.e. the Regeneration Project Manager or lead officers from finance, legal, procurement to consider any matters raised by the Council’s Development or Funding Partners). This will provide the opportunity for Members to hear from Officers (and any external support that may be procured) to support the reasons for project being reported by exception and the mitigating actions being implemented. Issues raised by Development and Funding Partners can also be raised and explored; 


(4)  the Working Group will report their findings and any recommendations to the Economy, Regeneration and Development Committee. Additionally, any significant financial risks will be referred to Audit and Risk Management Committee for its consideration and action.

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