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Public Questions

Notice of question to be given in writing or by email by 12 noon, 13 June 22 to the Council’s Monitoring Officer ( and to be dealt with in accordance with Standing Order 10.



The Chair indicated that 11 Public questions had been received.

Keith Marsh asked a question regarding the community asset transfer process and what progress had been made to expediate this process, and the earliest possible timeline for transfer.

The Chair outlined the timing and processes for community asset transfer. The earliest time for transfer would be the 22 October. The License agreement will be extended to the 31 October.

Robin Clarke asked a question about how much input the local community, Brackenwood Gold Club and its members would have in the decision-making process and outcome.

The chair informed the questioner that the final decision on any transfer will be made by the TCCL Committee in October 2022 based upon the submitted business plans. Although, stakeholders and the community will be involved in the business plan.

Jackie Watts asked a question concerning publicly available criteria upon which the business plan will be assessed.

In Response, the chair conformed that the business planning template will be publicly available from the 27th June. Assessment criteria is defined through the structure of the business case. Detailed assessment is under consideration and will be agreed by the community asset transfer project team.

Ann Edwards asked a question to confirm if the council had any assets that had been removed following the April 1st closure of the golf course, that may be reinstated when a new owner acquires the course.

The Chair advised that assets will be made available and returned should a new operator be successful in their submission for Community Asset Transfer and require these items. Transfixed assets that are a part of the infrastructure will remain in place.

Lucy Johnson asked a question about the Whitfield Common, seeking assurance on whether or not the committee would be upgrading the facilities to bring them back into regular use.

The Chair confirmed that the Parks and Countryside Service will carry out a detailed assessment of the work and cost involved in upgrading the Tennis Courts. The football pitch will be addressed during the out of season maintenance regime.

Ruth Molyneux asked a question about clarification on why the Bromborough Civic is not currently in the scope for CAT and which committee it will be referred to and when for further consideration.

The Chair confirmed that Members have not considered Bromborough Civic Centre for CAT. The asset will be considered by the Economic, Regeneration and Housing Policy and Service Committee at a later date.

Friends of Wallasey Central Library asked a question concerning why restricted access was still being maintained in terms of the number of people allowed into the building at once. The group asked if the council had made a mistake when interpreting the guidance available and if it was possible to remove all of these restrictions.

The Chair responded to say that It is a duty of care of the building owners to provide additional fresh air in buildings. This is supported by statutory approved documents. It is also prescribed by law in Regulation 6 of the Workplace (Health and Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.

Friends of Wallasey Central Library asked a further question in the case of the restrictions being maintained further. The question asked which guidelines were being used to inform this decision and what risks are possible should guidance not be adhered to.

In her response, the Chair noted that it is important to heed government and local guidance as well as legal obligations that may change or be re-introduced. Ventilation is an important aspect of a healthy work environment, prescribed by law in regulation 6 of the workplace. (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulation 1992 (HSMO 1992).

Joy Hogg asked a question about the advantages of Bromborough Library remaining open until there is a clear plan for Bromborough Civic Centre and its library to deliver community benefits.

The chair responded to say that the library is due to close 31st October. No expressions of interest were collected for Bromborough Library during the CAT process. Prior to this closure the Bromborough Civic Centre will be considered in September 2022.