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Community Asset Transfer (Stage 1)


The Assistant Director for Special Projects opened the report of the Director of Resources which sought a decision in relation to the surplus assets that Members put into the Community Asset Transfer (CAT) process as part of the 2022/23 Budget.


Members were advised that the report needed to be considered in the context of the Facilities Investment Plan and the consultation outcome reports which appeared elsewhere on this Committee agenda. This report also advised of unsolicited enquiries / expressions of interest, which were received during the CAT process for assets not currently in-scope and recommended a way of dealing with these matters for members decision.


Members discussed the report in detail and expressed their thanks to officers for working with the various community groups during the expressions of interest stage. Members raised queries about the various Golf Courses and Libraries in relation to the CAT process which officers responded to. Members also queried previous CAT projects and if they had been successful, also questions the viability of the applications received. Officers responded to say that in 2009, a series of community centres were transferred and none of those have been returned. The next stage is the critical stage, and the council will be very through with those going through to next stage. If a transfer is approved on a viable business plan, but the way the CAT is structured is that should it fail at a later date, it will come back to Members for a decision as to next steps.


On a motion by Councillor Sue Percy, seconded by Councillor Helen Cameron and agreed by assent, it was therefore -


Resolved – That,


(1)  the Expression of Interest for the libraries at Hoylake, Irby, Pensby, Prenton, Wallasey Village, Higher Bebington and Woodchurch (as set out in paragraph 3.7 of this report) be taken forward to the business planning stage (Stage 2) of the Community Asset Transfer process.


(2)  For Bromborough and New Ferry Libraries, the approaches set out in this report at paragraph 3.9 be progressed.


(3)  The Expressions of Interest from the Woodchurch Wellbeing and Wellness Centre and Helen Diamond Swim and Leisure Limited, for Woodchurch Leisure Centre, be taken forward to the business planning stage (stage 2) of the CAT process for the reasons set out in paragraph 3.10


(4)  The Expressions of interest from Special Ventures Partnership and Love Golf MCR for Brackenwood Golf Course be taken forward to the business planning stage (stage 2)


(5)  The Expression of interest from The Royal Liverpool Golf Club and Royal and Ancient for Hoylake Municipal Golf Course be taken forward to stage 2 of the Community Asset Transfer process.


(6)  the assets listed in Appendix 1 of this report be referred to the appropriate Policy and Service Committee for a decision


(7)  The Tourism, Communities, Culture and Leisure Committee recommends that the Economy Regeneration and Housing Committee requests that officers consider re-opening the Community Asset Transfer process in relation to Bromborough Civic Centre and consider expressions of interest in relation to the overall building before considering any other options. 


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