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The Director of Law and Governance submitted a report to enable Members of this Committee to consider objections received in respect of a proposed increase to the Hackney Carriage fare tariffs.


The Licensing Manager reported that on 27 July 2022 this Committee considered a proposal from Unite the Union to increase the Council’s Hackney Carriage fare tariffs and resolved that the proposal be approved subject to any objections being received as part of the consultation process.


The proposal submitted by Unite the Union to increase the Hackney Carriage fare tariffs was set out within the report. The current fare tariffs had also been set out within the report together with a table comparing the current and proposed rates, a table showing the effect of the proposed increase and details of the Hackney Carriage fare tariffs applicable in other neighbouring authorities.


It was reported that the proposed increase had been advertised in the Wirral Globe on 10 August 2022 and had provided an opportunity for objections to be made by 31 August 2022. A newsletter had also been sent to every Hackney Carriage Driver which informed them of the proposed increase and provided details of the opportunity to object to the proposal.


Members of the Committee were advised that in response to the consultation, 18 objections had been received from Hackney Carriage Drivers and one objection had been received from a member of the public who uses Hackney Carriages.  A table providing details of the objections was included as Appendix 5 to the report.  The Licensing Manager reported that the responses to the consultation that had been received supported an increase in the Hackney Carriage fare tariffs but they considered that an increase in the initial charge to £5.00 would have a negative impact on their trade. Details of alternative fare increases were provided in some of the responses received.


It was highlighted that within the table of objections a driver had provided details of an alternative fare increase to that which was proposed by Unite the Union but that it resulted in a similar increase in the fare, in respect of Tariff 1, in that passengers would pay £5.00 for the initial mile and that the subsequent fares were also in line with those proposed by Unite the Union. It was suggested that the initial charge could start at £3.60 for the first 300 yards and that each subsequent 207 yards be 20p.


The Licensing Manager advised that representatives of the Trade were present at the meeting.


Further to questions from Members as to the number of Hackney Carriage Drivers that Unite the Union represented it was clarified by Gary Gregory, Unite the Union, that to be able to create a Branch that union rules required there to be a minimum number of eighty (80) members.


Caroline Pettersson, Branch Secretary, Unite the Union, addressed the Committee and advised that she believed the initial proposal from Unite the Union for the first 1760 yards to be £5.00 was a reasonable amount as the fares had not increased for 4 years and also believed this was a fairer proposal than the alternative put forward to start at £3.60 then 20p for every 207 yards as it was more transparent.


With reference to the objections received, Members expressed concerns with regard to customers having to pay an initial starting charge of £5.00 and noted the concern expressed by those objecting within the Trade in respect of the proposed starting charge of £5.00.


Gary Gregory, Unite the Union, addressed the Committee and advised Members of the Committee that too many drivers were working for too few fairs and believed that a start price of £5.00 reflected the cost of living which was needed by drivers.  He also referred to the effect of the Covid 19 pandemic on drivers.


Keith Maddock, Hackney Carriage Driver, addressed the Committee and agreed that a rise was needed, however he expressed his concern at an initial proposed charge of £5.00. 


Members further considered the proposal by Unite the Union in respect of the other Tariffs and gave recognition to the fact that Tariff 2, night rates, would apply when drivers would be working unsociable hours. Members raised no concerns in respect of the proposals of Tariff 3 and Tariff 4 put forward by Unite the Union. 




(1)  That further to consideration of the objections received in respect of the proposed increase in the Hackney Carriage fare tariffs, the table of fares to be applied to Hackney Carriages be:





First 300 yards



Each subsequent 207 yards





First 1392 yards



Each subsequent 172 yards






First 1160 yards



Each subsequent 120 yards






First  880 yards



Each subsequent 107.5 yards



(2)  That the revised table of fares must come into effect within 10 days from 28 September 2022.


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