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Public Questions

Notice of question to be given in writing or by email by 12 noon, 17 September 2022, to the Council’s Monitoring Officer ( and to be dealt with in accordance with Standing Order 10.



The Chair indicated that 8 questions had been received.


Stuart Clerk asked a question regarding the West Kirby sea defences and the impact on lifeboat provisions. The questioner asked if the council was aware of the potential risk to life in regards to the Sandy Lane gate, and what action did the committee propose to address the issue, and who was responsible for the consequences of possible injury or loss of life if Lifeboats become restricted.


The Chair responded by explaining the ultimate reduction of risk to life due to the decrease in flood risk provided by the West Kirby Flood Alleviation Scheme. The Chair explained where both pedestrian and vehicle access could be found along Sandy Lane and Dee lane, as well as the Wirral Sailing Centre entrance and exit. These accesses would be closed at times of flood. Operational procedures were being developed in collaboration with RNLI to ensure the flood risk provisions did not affect operations from Dee Lane and Sandy Lane.


Phil Waterford asked a question regarding an issue with parking in the vicinity of St Peters School, Heswall. Mr Waterford asked if Highways Officers could reassess the situation and bring recommendation that address these concerns.


The Chair responded explaining that the junction in this area was covered by a Traffic Regulation Order (double yellow lines). Concerns regarding safety issues had been noted. An assessment of the parking conditions would be undertaken in December 2022 as part of the Traffic Regulation Order. This could take up to 6 months and would result in a significant spend of public funding. Advisory warning notices had been requested to discourage pavement parking. Two crossing patrols were employed within the vicinity of the school in order to encourage more active travel.


Nicola Verkade asked a question on behalf of Frank McArdle regarding the use of LiDAR data in determining beach heights at Hoylake Beach and a possible error in this data of up to 30cm. The question requestion how much confidence did the committee place in the use of the LiDAR technique.


The Chair responded by explaining that the use of LiDAR was one of the methods used to look at beach topography and was suitable for use in Hoylake, this is because it covered 100% of the large area in question. The data had been used to create contour plots, and repeat surveys have provided digital data that indicate broad scale changes in elevation through time. Utilising data over a period of time limits the inaccuracy as the data is repeated over decades. Traditional methods of beach profiling rely of extrapolation to provide whole area data. LiDAR is now standardised technique used worldwide.


Mr Kelly and Margi Drummond asked questions regarding the residents of The Oaks as possible pilot scheme users of porous parking mats on green spaces.


The Chair responded that the use of green spaces as parking areas required careful consideration against the council’s declared Climate Emergency and resources. Officers are aware of residents requests for green spaces to be transformed into parking areas. A report covering this issue was due to come to committee in the new year (2023) so an appropriate policy may be considered.


Hannah Rapley asked a question regarding the frequency of alley way cleaning in Seacombe, and if this would be the previously promised monthly basis.


The chair responded to say that the Council had a statutory duty to maintain passage through an adopted or specified alleyway to ensure a throughfare for residential use.  Biffa are contracted to remove all Litter, bulky items, hazardous waste and other specified materials from passages and alleyways (Entries), irrespective of size or type of material and irrespective of how the material arrived at the Location. 


Charlotte Smith asked if the committee could provide an outcome of the consultation regarding Hoylake Beach.


The Chair responded by explaining that over 3000 responses were received for the initial consultation undertaken in June, July and August. The report regarding this consultation and management options will be brought to committee in November.