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Consideration of proposal to implement selective licensing following consultation

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The Principal Strategic Housing and Investment Officer presented the report of the Director of Regeneration and Place. The report set out the reasons for implementing a Selective Licencing scheme (scheme 4) in four designated areas in the borough. There was a robust evidence base to justify the targeting of proposed areas and support for the scheme had been evidenced through feedback from a wide-ranging consultation exercise. The consultation survey showed that 84.9% of respondents either strongly agreed or agreed with selective licensing proposals compared to 10.3% who either strongly disagreed or disagreed.


The report noted that while there had been substantial improvements in property conditions, previous and current Selective Licensing schemes demonstrated that without pro-active Council intervention in these areas, vulnerable tenants would continue to live in poor quality, often hazardous housing.


Members discussed the benefits of the selective licensing scheme, the impact that some rogue landlords can have on the lives of their tenants and  the costs of the scheme Members also asked whether the service had the resources to deliver the scheme, which officers confirmed that they were confident that they did. Officers were congratulated for the level of consultation for the scheme and  were thanked officers for the report.


Resolved – That it be agreed that:


1.  Selective Licensing shall apply in Birkenhead West (LSOA E01007127 / Wirral 016B), Seacombe St Pauls (LSOA E01007273 / Wirral 008B), Bidston & St James West (LSOA E01007123 / Wirral 011D) and Egremont North (LSOA E01007218 / Wirral 002A);


2.  The Selective Licensing designation for the above four areas shall commence on 1st April 2024 and last until 31st March 2029;


3.  The selective licence fee shall be at the rate of £585; and


4.  Any future eligible recharges be reserved for consideration as part of the review of the next Selective Licensing Scheme which will be brought to this Committee in 2024.


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