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Neighbourhood Framework & Masterplans Approval Process


The Head of Regeneration Delivery presented the report of the Director of Regeneration and Place. He noted that the date given in paragraph 3.9 was an error and that the follow-up reports were due to be presented to the Economy, Regeneration and Housing Committee on 4 March 2024. The report sought to set out the status of existing Neighbourhood Frameworks and Masterplans and the process and timescale for adopting those that had been recently published and subject to consultation.


The report noted that the Council had been developing its regeneration strategy for Wirral Left Bank for a number of years. The Birkenhead 2040 Framework has been endorsed by the Committee as the interim regeneration strategy for Wirral in March 2022. This document was supported by a series of more detailed Neighbourhood Frameworks setting out the regeneration objectives and strategies for specific areas. Some of these regeneration documents were completed and published in 2021. Other Neighbourhood Frameworks remained in draft as further work was carried out on delivery strategies.


Members discussed the value of being able to see all the masterplans in the borough. A member queried whether specific areas such as West Kirby needed a masterplan when they are not as in need of regeneration in the way that other areas are. Members also queried the need for employing consultants to devise questions for residents.


The Director for Regeneration and Place noted that he agreed with the Members’ comments and that the scope of consultation for areas such as West Kirby should be done in consultation with local ward councillors. He felt that local officers could come up with plans for the area rather than use outside consultants.


The Head of Regeneration and Delivery stated that the work outlined in the report had helped support and inform the evidence base for the emerging Local Plan. The documents specifically helped support the housing numbers that had been attributed to the “other developable areas” or non-allocated sites in regeneration areas in the Local Plan.


The Local Plan identified 11 Regeneration Areas, and these were the focus of the Council’s brownfield first housing delivery. Neighbourhood Frameworks aligned with the boundaries of the regeneration areas and set out the regeneration objectives and potential housing delivery within each area.


Many of the Regeneration areas also contained Masterplan areas. These were defined in the Local Plan in policy WS6.3. Masterplan areas were areas where significant change was expected and a co-ordinated and comprehensive approach to development was required. Masterplans were planning documents and should be in place before development in the area could be approved. Masterplans could be progressed by a developer via a Planning application, or  could be developed and endorsed by the Council.


Resolved – That


1.  The process for adopting the Neighbourhood Frameworks and Masterplans as referred to in paragraph 3.1 of the report and the engagement process as described in 3.2 to 3.7 of the report be noted; and


2.  The process for endorsement of the Neighbourhood Frameworks and Masterplans as referred to in paragraph 3.8 and 3.9 of the report be agreed.


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