Agenda item

Update from Youth Service


Peter Edmundson – Young people want a more broader range of opportunities.  In 2007 the Overview Committee recommended we revisit what we have already got available.  We put a bid in to a scheme called ‘my space’ but unfortunately it was unsuccessful.  However we have now commissioned four hubs which are to be open on more occasions.  One of them is to be open on a Friday and Saturday night to attract more people.  It will get the young people off the street and give them somewhere to go.  The other purpose is to co-ordinate activities in the district.  There is still work to be done but we just ask that you give it a chance.  We just want to try and get more young people involved in worthwhile activities.  Would also like adults to get involved to get the young people involved.


He explained the hubs are open 5 nights 7pm – 10pm and 5pm – 8pm on a Saturday.  Young people want different things and this is what is trying to be achieved – there will be sport activities, dance, music, advice, drop in facility i.e pool and computers in a safe environment.  There is also a new room for budding DJs, job clubs, revision area.  Adam Mellor the Hub Manager was then introduced and explained that they he could answer any questions at the end or alternatively there was a drop in at the Hub on a Tuesday 2pm – 3pm and all residents are welcome.


Q from public member – why not arrange a film night and involve the parents and could discuss the film afterwards.  I think the hub is a fantastic idea. 


Gary Evans – gave a plea for all people who are members of sports clubs to involve youths and are able to accommodate them.  Explained that there should be a way to look after young people as they are our future. 


Q from public member – we have been concerned about children and did actually to try and raise money for skate board ramps but nothing happened. The Hub is a good idea but young people need fresh air.


Gerry Ellis - explained that all our previous attempts to find a site has resulted in strong opposition from local residents..


John Percival - I asked an experienced Youth Officer what do we do with kids?  He replied that ‘dealing with the youth is like juggling soot’.  I have had to put fencing up so kids will stop skateboarding around the Yachting club.  I don’t think that young people will travel from here to Bidston to use the skateboard park.


Peter Edmundson – will look into all points raised and informed everybody that the West Wirral officially opens on 24th June. 


Sgt Andy Carter – informed that the Police work closely with the Council and do in fact support the Hub as youths come off the streets.  They work along side the Respect Team and Outreach Centres in Ashton Park and all local areas and also work with Merseytravel Community Patrol.  He informed all members that they should not stereotype every young person.  He explained that the Community Safety Partnership is the second biggest in Wirral and have put a bid in for 2 quad bikes to get onto the sand hills a lot quicker to deal with incidents.