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16:25 Any Other Business


(12) (i) Councillor Clarke proposed Councillor Meaden as the Deputy Chair of the Children’s Trust Board. This was agreed by the Board.


  Resolution: Councillor Meaden is the Board Deputy


(12) (ii) Marie Armitage is retiring from Public Health from September. Fiona Johnston will be replacing her. Councillor Sheila Clarke thanked Marie Armitage for her contribution to the board.


(12)(iii) Health White Paper 2010


  Tina long updated the board on the recent publication of the White Paper which sets out plans to reform the NHS.  Strategic Health Authorities and Primary Care Trusts (PCT) will be abolished by 2013 subject to a law change.  At the moment the PCT is responsible for commissioning.  The responsibilities will be devolved to GP Consorting.  On Wirral there are currently 3 defined health areas. Of the budget, 95% of £6 million will sit with GP consortia.


  Marie Armitage updated the board on public health.  A national public health service will be formed and the public health resources will sit with the LA and a health and wellbeing board will be established.  On Wirral we have a Health and Wellbeing board as part of the LSP.


  A number of further documents will follow to outline detail.  There will be a public health White Paper in December.  A consultation paper is on the website.


  Tina Long noted that it would be important for the Children’s Trust Board to discuss this further.  An additional area is the community service area such as health visitors.


  By April 2011 all PCT provider areas will cease.  There are a number of options in this area such as social enterprise, hospitals or children’s services.


  Further discussion is required regarding how the best outcomes for Children and Young People in Wirral can be achieved.


  Howard Cooper raised the enormous impact these proposals will have in tandem with proposed public sector cuts.


  The Board agreed to arrange a half day special meeting on how this change will affect services.




12(iv)  Local Government and Area Based Grant Cuts


  Howard Cooper updated the board on Area Based Grant cuts.  There is a proposed £6.2 billion reduction overall; £1.2 billion in Local Government mainly Area Based Grant, the highest proportion in Children Services. Children’s Services total ABG in Wirral 2010/11 is £12 million. The Council will decide on how the ABG cuts will be apportioned.


  Bev Morgan commented on the concern in the Third Sector of public sector cuts and wide scale changes.


Tina Long requested that Howard Cooper call a strategic meeting of organisations on how Wirral should be positioned to deliver excellent outcomes for children and young people regarding the implications of government proposals.


Richard Longster noted the Children’s Trust Board were guardians of Wirral children and young people and should take the initiative in furthering discussions in this area.


Howard Cooper noted that the Secretary of State indicated he may remove the statutory requirement to have a Children’s Trust and Children and Young People Plan.  Local areas should develop arrangements that best served children and young people.


Howard Cooper, Councillor Sheila Clarke and the Board agreed the benefits of having a Children’s Trust and developing the multi-agency plan.


  Resolved: That a half day special meeting of the Board is called to discuss the proposed changes and the implications for Wirral children and young people.