Committee details

Wirral/LGA Improvement Board (Public Q&A Session)

Purpose of committee

The LGA Wirral Improvement Board is a partnership between Wirral Council and the Local Government Association and will provide oversight, support and challenge to Wirral’s improvement and transformation journey.


The Board aims to support the Council to:


·  Demonstrate its ambitions for its local communities

·  Drive forward its plans for improvement in corporate governance and services in a timely way

·  Prioritise what is most important

·  Create the capacity and plans to embed lasting improvements and culture change

·  Deliver improved services within realistic spending constraints


The Improvement Board’s role is to:


·  Provide support and guidance

·  Identify and signpost appropriate good practice

·  Provide challenge and act as a critical friend

·  Ensure the contributions from different external agencies/bodies to Wirral’s improvement journey are coordinated

·  Ensure there is a single, integrated and holistic improvement plan that can be clearly understood and communicated internally and externally

·  Endorse decisions which impact on political and managerial leadership arrangements, corporate governance and improvement in advance of them going through Wirral’s own decision-making structures, e.g. Cabinet or Council.


  • Joyce Redfearn  (Chair) 
  • Councillor Jeff Green   
  • Councillor Phil Gilchrist   
  • Gill Taylor   
  • Gillian Connolly   
  • Councillor Stephen Houghton   
  • Councillor Glen Sanderson   
  • Councillor Paul Rowen   
  • Steven Pleasant   
  • Liz McQue   
  • Mike Thomas   

Contact information

Postal address:
Town Hall
Brighton Street
CH44 8ED

Web site: