Issue - decisions

Treatment Fostering

23/04/2010 - Further Developing Foster Care Provision

A report by the Director of Children’s Services outlined a proposal to further develop the continuum of Fostering provision provided by the Council to better meet the placement needs of children/young people; specifically the  development of a Foster Care Scheme that would enable young people who had successfully completed a Treatment Foster care programme with Fostering Futures to move to a long term family placement with designated support allowing a continuation of the treatment approach but in a less structured environment.  The report identified potential funding for the development of the programme from the CAMH’s Area Based Grant




(1)  the proposal to develop a Move-On Scheme aligned to Fostering Futures funded  from the CAMHs budget be agreed; and


(2)   agreement be given to use the reserve from the 2009-10 CAMHs budget to cover set up costs in 2010-11.