Issue - decisions

Capital Strategy 2011-14

12/11/2010 - Capital Strategy

A report by the Director of Finance provided the annual update of the Capital Strategy which had last been agreed by the Cabinet on 24 September 2009. There were only minor revisions to the Strategy.




(1)  the Capital Strategy be approved, subject to amendment of the prioritisation criteria; and


(2)  the prioritisation criteria (listed at the Appendix to the Capital Strategy) be amended as follows:


(a)  Prioritisation criteria 6, 7, and 8 are deleted on the basis that all schemes should have regard to these criteria;


(b)  Two new criteria; “Will the scheme support outcomes from the consultation ‘Wirral’s Future – Be a Part of it’?” and “Will the scheme contribute towards achievement of the Strategic Change Programme?”;


(c)  That these two new criteria be weighed 15% and 10% respectively.