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Personal Budgets

26/10/2010 - Personal Budgets

A report by the Director of Adult Social Services sought the Cabinet’s agreement to roll out an offer of personal budgets to all eligible Wirral residents from October 2010. The matter involved a key decision, first identified in the Forward Plan dated October 2009.


RESOLVED:  That Cabinet


(1)  reaffirms its support for the principle of Personal Budgets which seek to promote greater independence, flexibility and choise in the way social care is delivered to vulnerable people;


(2)  agrees to Phase 3 roll out of personal budgets as a universal offer to new customers;


(3)  believes that there is insufficient financial information contained within the report to enable it to set a £ per point figure for the Resource Allocation System at this time; and


(4)  requests that a seminar is arranged for all Members of the Council on the Resource Allocation System so that they obtain an understanding of how it works.