Issue - decisions

Area Based Grants

28/07/2010 - Area Based Grants

The Deputy Chief Executive/Director of Corporate Services presented a report setting out (1) the current position on area based grant across the Council, (2) recommendations where the recently announced Government reductions in area based grant for 2010/11 should be made and the implications of these (3) seeking Members views on the allocation of the remaining area based grant for 2010/11 and (4) advising on the approach to be considered for future funding allocations.


Resolved: That:


(1)  Cabinet agrees the ABG reductions in 2010/11 of £3,927,000 as set out below:




Uncommitted ABG with no or low impact to services (not frontline)


Uncommitted ABG with medium impact to services (not frontline)


Working Neighbourhood Fund





(2)  A review of all future ABG funding is undertaken as set out in paragraph 5.2 of this report.